The Tale of a King

Calon is a cheerful man who only has one aspiration to live up to. Be the Chosen One’s luggage boy. Though he isn’t an outstanding human being in any way, the fact that he is a companion of the Chosen One gives him status. He is respected amongst the villagers throughout the land and is often seen as the ultimate servant. Of course that is all that he is, a servant. When he was alone with the Chosen One he was treated like trash. He did everything, cooked, shined the armor, sharpened the sword and arrows, and even was the one who found fresh water and hunted and gathered food. Even after all of this, Calon enjoys what he does because he gets to be around the prophesied savior of the world.  The one who is going to overthrow the Evil King and save the land from his tyranny.

The Chosen One and Calon would wander the countryside fighting off wolves and bandits on their way from the small village that they are from, to the capital. In truth they were friends during their childhood until the Chosen One was taken to train by the Elders. Throughout the many years that the Chosen One was away training, Calon lived his life of farming and being considered the smartest of all the children in the village, he was expected to do great things. Many thought he was going to be the one to bring wealth and prosperity to their village, but when Calon grew old enough to be voted in as mayor, the Chosen One selected him to be his companion on his journey to defeat the evil king. To this Calon was more than happy to accept. He had never traveled and was overjoyed with the chance to see the world.

Calon started out excited, both because he was getting to hangout with his old friend again and because he was getting to be the companion of the Chosen One. It quickly became apparent that is old friend had grown into a self-centered person who couldn’t be bothered with menial labor. This surprised him, since he expected the Chosen One to have been more down-to-earth. It didn’t bother Calon too much though, because everything he was getting to see and do was unimaginable. The massive mountains, the vast deserts, water as far as the eye can see, plains so flat that you can see for miles. These weren’t things that he would ever get to see back at the village.

After many weeks of traveling they finally approached the capital, Hranafall. It was a sprawling city with massive walls. Calon followed the Chosen One through the front gate, through the crowded streets, and up the castle. This is when the Chosen One showed his powers. He pulled out and the swung his sword and the guards in one movement and a powerful gust blew them and gate to the castle open. He ran inside knocking back each guard that attempted to stop him. Eventually the Chosen One reached the Evil King. The battle that ensued was an intense one with each trading blows. As it turned out, their powers were equally matched. After many hours of constant battling, the Chosen One finally defeated the Evil King. After seeing their king defeated the guards, not knowing what to do, bowed down to the victor. That is when the Chosen One took the crown from the now deceased evil king and put it on Calon who was still standing outside the gate of the castle.

Not sure exactly with what was happening, Calon asked the Chosen One, “What’s going on? Aren’t you supposed to become the new king create a new and prosperous kingdom?” To which the Chosen One replied, “The prophecy is only that I would defeat the Evil King, not that I would take his place and become the next king. Anyways, throughout our travels you have proven to be a much better person than I. The people of the village wanted you to become the mayor because of how smart and likeable you are. You are much more fit to be king than I could ever be.” With that the Chosen One and Calon walked to the throne and Calon became King Calon. He would rule over the land and forever be known as Calon the Great for he would bring prosperity to his kingdom.


Protectors of the Forest

“Why are we doing this? Walking around in these cloaks won’t help us hide. I mean, can’t they see us?” I said.

“What are you talking about? They are humans,they don’t see much. So they won’t see us.”

Hi, my name is Lesdir and I am an elf. The humans have made a camp in my forest and since I just became a Defender of the Forest, which is what you become when you come of age and pass a test of skill, I was chosen to spy on their actions alongside Captain Fryndal to see if it is a military camp or if they are going to damage our forest out of greed. Humans are a stupid yet dangerous species that has no knowledge about nature, so they tend to destroy anything and everything that nature has provided for us. We elves, on the other hand, know all there is to know about nature. We love nature and will do anything and everything we can to protect it.

“To be clear, the reason they can’t see us in these cloaks is because the cloaks change colors to camouflage us with our surroundings.” Captain Fryndal explained.

“Well that clears that up.” we walk through the humans camp while they sleep, “So, what do you think? Are they a threat to the forest?”

“Well, humans are strange creatures. Just because they don’t look dangerous, doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous. We will need to keep an eye on them during the day, in order to make an accurate assessment.”

We walk over to a nearby tree and climb up it hastily to watch them from a safe distance. As the sun rises in the sky, the humans become more active. They wake up and immediately they get to working on what they came here for. I was very intrigued by how the humans utilize nature and create things like we have, especially since they are such dumb creatures. They have created what Fryndal called ‘tools’. “They like to use them to destroy nature.” he told me, “If they start to chop down these trees. It is our duty as elves to kill them.”

I looked at the Captain, nodded, and then turned back to watch the humans as they used their tools to cook food, and then started to break down their camp.

“What are those things on their backs?” I asked Captain Fryndal.

“Those are what they call guns. Humans use them to kill things with. Don’t worry though, they can’t hurt us as long as we are paying attention.”

“Is that because we have magic?”

“Precisely. Magic is more powerful than human weaponry.”

“So where do you think they are going?” I asked.

“They are getting ready for a sneak attack from the looks of it.”

“Should we kill them, then?”

“As long is they don’t harm our forest, and our people, we won’t need to kill them.”

We sat back and waited, watching. Until gunshots started going off. We watched as the humans from the camp died, one after the other, until only a few were left. They threw up their hands and fell to the ground. We watched as the few that surrendered were beaten and then dragged off by the new group of humans.

I looked over at Captain Fryndal, “Humans really are dumb creatures. What does this fighting even accomplish?”

“It usually accomplishes nothing but destruction. The destruction of our forest. That is why we have to protect it from the likes of humans.”

We followed the new group of humans until they entered a metal vessel with wheels and left the forest.

“Good riddance.” I thought to myself.

“It is time to get back to our village. Now that you have seen what humans are, do you now see why we must defend our forest so fiercely?”

“I’ve always known why we have to protect our forest. But, seeing the idiocy of humans, I now know just how stupid these creatures can be. That much stupidity is dangerous.”

“Good. Young Lesdir, you will get to tell the chief what you saw today. He will decide what we should do.”

The world had become a little darker to me after what I had witnessed. However, I am now more certain than ever as to why we are the guardians of nature and because of this, I now know what my duty is. That is to be a protector of the forest.


The Interview

“What day is it?”

“It’s Thursday. Why do you ask?”

“I was just curious as to why, you’re carrying a suitcase.”

“Well, if you must know. I’m carrying this suitcase because I’m going to be interviewing for a job.”

“So what’s the suitcase for?”

“I have all of my important documents about me in this suitcase.”

“Well that’s really weird that you would need all of that stuff.”

“They need this stuff to know exactly what I’ve accomplished throughout the years.”

“You mean other than beating a dog in an eating contest?”

“I thought I told you never to bring that up again!”

“Hee-hee. It was so funny though.”

“Well anyways, I need to get going.”

“Why are you in such a hurry?”

“Because I want to be on time for it. Besides why are you asking me so many questions?”

“Because… You’re interviews next week…”

“No… It’s today. The 13th.”

“Today’s the 6th…”

“… Oh, let me check first…. F@#K! Well, at least now I have more time to prepare for the interview.”

“That’s the spirit.”

“… I’m just going to go to bed now.”

“It’s 2 p.m. though.”

“The days over anyway.”

*Door slam*

“Eh, could’ve been worse.”

A Night in Space

Looking at the stars is something that always makes me wonder what it must be like out in space. I’ve always wanted to go out there, but my parents tell me that I’m to young. They tell me that when I get older, I might be able to get a spaceship ride. For now however,  they told me that I am too small to ride on a spaceship safely. I am sixteen years old, I believe that if I am able to drive a vehicle, I should be able to be a passenger on a spaceship. My parents are just so old-fashioned.

Going to school, I asked my friends if they had ever been on a spaceship. They told me no, but they had heard of children much younger than us had been on one. I wasn’t sure if these were fictional or true stories that I was being told. But, I mean a kid must’ve been on a spaceship at least once in history. Knowing this, I got on the internet and searched “kids in space” and found countless stories of children with their parents in space. It was actually common on some planets, apparently the planets were so small that some things could only be found on other planets so they had to leave a lot.

I guess my planet is large enough that we don’t ever have to leave. I’ve never seen my parents go to the spaceport and leave, so I assume that our planet is good enough for them. I want to see the galaxy. There is so much out there that I have yet to experience, and even though I’m in high school, I want to experience as much as I can. The world seems to pass me by faster and faster, and I am afraid that if I don’t adventure now, I might never get the chance to. I need to get a ticket and see what outer space is like.

The next day, I told my parents that I was going over to my friend Sam’s place after I got off work. I probably would’ve told them that I was going to be gone for a couple of days, because I was going to the next planet over and then returning. I bought my ticket online. The trip was scheduled to take about five to six hours and delays weren’t likely. It was exciting to be doing something so daring. I called in for work, and didn’t go to Sam’s, instead Sam and I went to the Spaceport.

The whole building was packed full of people. Most of the people were adults in business suits, and there were children here too despite what my parents told me about going to space being dangerous. We went up to the desk and they gave us our tickets. I looked at Sam, and thought about what might happen if we get caught. Sam noticed that I was getting nervous, grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me. I snapped out of my worrying thoughts and we walked over to the line for our ship. We stood in line for what seemed like hours before we were able to get through security and to our spaceship.

Walking to our spaceship, I couldn’t believe how big it was. It carried hundreds of passengers, but I never imagined it would be this big. As we took off, the sun began to go down on my planet, and the takeoff made me flinch. High above my planet I could see its blue and green that makes the planet so beautiful. I’ve been told that my planet is one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy, and now I know why people say that. It truly is awe-inspiring to see it in all of its glory. I looked at Sam to see if she was seeing what I was, but she was too busy looking at the menu trying to decide what to eat.

About an hour or so into the flight, the pilot came on over the PA system and told us that due to some technical difficulties. We had to turn back. Sam told me that she was kind of bummed because we didn’t make it to another planet, but I reminded her that we just wanted to go to space anyways. The other planet was just going to be an added bonus. When we got back to the spaceport, we got our refunds, and we left. Since it was still night-time and I had told my parents that I was staying at Sam’s, that’s exactly what I did. So in the end I didn’t lie to my parents after all, and I got to spend a night in space.

How Did It Come To This?

The sweat fell from his brow as he ran through the field of grass, sword raised high above his head. “How did it ever come to this?” he thought to himself as he raced towards an armored clad knight.

Earlier that day, Ron was sitting in bar waiting for his beer, when a man dressed in fancy looking clothes sat next to him. He told the bartender that he wanted a pint. Ron stared at the man. Rich people weren’t common in these parts, and sensible men would never come here. It is dangerous part of the city in which many call it the slums.

“What brings you to these parts?” Ron asked. The man looked over at Ron and just sneered.

“Look, it’s dangerous for people like you here, so you should probably leave soon.”

“I’m here looking for someone, and I won’t leave until I find him.” The rich man stated.

Ron looked away from the rich man as the bartender slid him his beer. He chugged the beer and whipped his face.

“Look, everyone here considers everyone else as family. So, whoever you’re looking for, you better not do anything to them or you’ll pay, rich boy.”

“Is that a threat?” the rich man said. Ron noticed the sword on his side and he flinched slightly. “I will do what I need to do.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that what I’m doing here is none of your business.”

The bartender looked at the two men, and knowing that things were going sour fast, said “You two need to leave. Sorry Ron, but if you’re going to continue arguing, it’s gonna be bad for business.”

Ron looked at the rich man. He looked at his beer, and said “Let’s go outside like the bartender said.”

The two men walked outside and squared off. A fight was about to happen, but Ron believed that because the man was rich, that their was a better chance at winning. He never saw it coming when the rich man knocked him out with the first punch. The next thing he saw, was a woman pouring water on his face. He sat up and asked her what she was doing. She replied, “I found you in the street. So I’m just doctoring you all up.”

To think that pouring water on someone is considered doctoring them up. He asked the lady if she had heard of anything that might have happened in the area recently. She told him no. So Ron asked if she had seen the man and if so which way had he gone. She told him that she had seen the man head north towards the old church. He asked the lady which the old church was from her house. She told him and Ron ran to that location.

As Ron ran towards the old church. He noticed a gathering of people so he walked over to it. He pushed his way through the crowd to see a lifeless body laying before him. That lifeless body was the body of his best friend, Gunther. Ron’s blood boiled at the thought of the man he had fought earlier. He knew that the rich man must be behind him.

“Did anyone see who did this?”

“Aye!” yelled a man.

“Which way did they go?”

“They ran towards the gates!”

Ron ran to his home in order to grab his only family treasure. The family sword. He then ran towards the gates. The guards were standing around just talking to each other. Ron approached them.

“Did you see a rich man leave here on foot?”

“What’s it to ya?” a guard asked rudely.

“A man was murdered and man is the murderer.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Because he told me he was going to do something bad to someone.”

“Oh, really. Well in that case, I think he left.”

Ron was done talking to the snarky guards and decided to try to find the man on his own. He walked out from the city walls and looked around grasslands, hoping to find the rich man. After hours of searching, Ron saw a face that he recognized, but they were wearing a suit of armor. He couldn’t remember meeting any knights.

“Could that scum actually be a knight?” Ron thought to himself, “There is no way.”

As Ron got closer to the man, it was in fact who he thought it was. The rich man was wearing a suit of armor. He looked up to see Ron charging at him with his sword held above his head. Ron couldn’t believe that he was about to attack a knight, but he couldn’t let him get away with murdering his best friend. The rich man had plenty of time to grab his sword and parry Ron’s first strike.

“This is it.” The thought of death filled Ron’s mind. He knew there was no possible way he could defeat a knight in combat.

“You don’t have to fight me!” The rich man yelled. “I can tell you why I did it.”

“NO! You killed my best friend! You have to pay!”

“Suit yourself.” The rich man started to strike at Ron with powerful blows. After a few strikes, Ron’s sword was knocked from his hands and landed behind him.

The knight then said, “Now will you listen to me?”

“Why should I?”

“Because otherwise, I will kill you.” The rich man put his sword up to Ron’s chest.

“Now, your best friend was a wanted criminal. He was considered one of the most powerful mob bosses in the city. I was tasked with taking him out, by all means necessary. When I approached him, I told him that he needed to come with me. He threatened me at knife point. So I was forced to take action.”

“Gunther would never do anything like that!” Ron shouted.

“Well, he did. And that is why your friend is dead. Now, do you still want to join him?”

Ron stepped back, taking everything he was just told in. He couldn’t believe that his best friend was murdered for being a mob boss. He couldn’t have been a mob boss. Ron was the mob boss in the area, not Gunther.

“I was in the wrong, alright. I’m sorry for attacking you.”

“You’re alright, just next time. Don’t be so irrational.”

“Oh, I won’t be.” Ron said to himself as he walked back towards the city.

Everything was about to change in the city, and Ron was going to be the mastermind behind it all.


New Earth

“I want to go home!” I heard a child yell behind me.

“We can’t go home.” The child’s mom said with a sad tone.

“No one can go home.” I mumbled to myself.

A war had erupted between China and the United States. Russia soon joined into the war when the fighting spread to their country. World War III had been started and the only thing left was for someone to get desperate enough to launch a nuclear missile. No one is sure who shot that first missile, but everyone was told to either go underground or to get on a shuttle and head for space before the radiation spread to them.

The choice to go to space was basically a death sentence because we hadn’t yet figured out how to survive indefinitely in that environment, but since I’ve always wanted to see space, I went there anyway. The exiting of Earth’s atmosphere was definitely interesting. You could feel your body becoming lighter and it was pretty sickening at first, but once gravity was restored on the space ship, all the sickness that you might have felt was gone. Looking out the window made the whole choice of going to space worthwhile. The Earth was magnificently blue, but you could see that brown was starting to take over. The atmosphere of Earth was changing incredibly fast and was making the whole planet uninhabitable.

It’s sad really. When you see that a beautiful thing can be destroyed by something that seems so small in contrast. Earth’s death was caused by the failure of humans to resolve their issues, and therefore killing themselves. The beauty that so many had wished to save, was destroyed by the few who wished destruction. I pulled out my camera and took as many pictures as I could before we got too far away.

The spaceship I am currently on has been made to accommodate around one-hundred and fifty people. It’s one of the smaller spaceships, but in the end they were all going to the same place. All refugee spaceships were to convene on the New Earth ship. This ship is the new version of the International Space Station. It’s  technology makes it almost self-sufficient. ‘Almost’ is why going to space is basically a death sentence. Only a certain amount of people are allowed on the ship, because the farms can’t sustain a growing population because of the lack of soil and water.

I took pictures of New Earth as we began to dock. Entering the behemoth of a ship was exciting. This was the fruit of over one-hundred years of construction. It was the feat that all of the nations of the world helped to create before the Great War broke out. The ship was truly awe-inspiring. So much so that even the little kid that wanted to go home said, “Wow! This is so cool!”

We could see the workers on New Earth running about, trying to get to the ships to unload all the refugees. At this time a lady walked up to us as we were leaving our ship.

“Welcome to New Earth! This will be your new home. We hope you enjoy your stay. I will be your guide to the housing precinct of New Earth. On our way there, we will pass through the food court and grocery stores. We are currently in the works of our entertainment district. Follow me to your new home.”

We began our tour of the ship when we reached the massive food court. It seemed that they had every type of food imaginable. I could live here, but I knew that I would need to find work somewhere more fitting for me. Perhaps farming, or construction would be most suitable. Anyways, the lady started to speak.

“This is New Earth’s state of the art food court. We have over one-hundred different restaurants with as many different types of food.”

We continued our walk down a wide hallway. The walking ended when we found multiple grocery stores. Each one seemed to market towards different types of food.

“These are the grocery stores that you will allow you to be able to get any type of food that you would ever want.”

Walking through the entertainment district was kind of interesting to see. A very large chunk of the ship was being worked on. The construction seemed to go on forever and outside you could see workers building on to the ship.

“This is the Entertainment district. As you can tell, it is currently under construction. We plan to finish the construction before the last refugees come aboard.”

I stared at the construction a little longer. I wanted to help out. It was beckoning me to do so. I looked at my camera and decided to take a picture before I got too far behind the tour. When I caught up to them, we were nearing the housing precinct.

“This is the housing precinct.” The tour guide said. “Welcome to your new home! Now, I am to give you your keys to your home based on your identification. So if you would please, pull out your identification cards.”

Everyone, including me, pulled out there cards and showed them to the lady before she gave them their key. When she finally got to me and gave me my key, I looked at the number on it, searched for the door number, and entered. “This is my new home.” as I looked around the already furnished room. I took a deep breath and said, “Peace at last.”

The Revolution

The Emperor is the sole leader of the supposed Earth Commonwealth. He parades himself around like he owns the galaxy, but he has no idea how his people suffer. He rules by terrorizing his people into submission. His agents quell the masses by assassinating anyone who dares to question his rule. Of course the media of Earth won’t tell you these things, they won’t even call him Emperor. They call him ‘President’ instead and pretend that there are checks and balances by having phonies pretend to be for the people. Really, however, they just vote for whatever the ‘President’ wants them to vote for.

I however, live here on Mars. My people know the truth. We know that the people of Earth have been brainwashed and we will come to help them against the tyranny of that awful man. Our media is one that tries its best to be unbiased and to just report the truth. I understand that sometimes biased things are said, but that’s because we are humans. Anyway, our President is actually a president and not someone who can do as he pleases. Our Senate is picked by the people of Mars and as such, they do the will of the people. I have heard talk that some of the people here on Mars want to liberate the Earthlings from their tyrannical ruler. I think I’ll join them. They’re in a bar from what I’ve heard.

Walking into the bar where the guys that talked about trying to start a revolution on Earth were. I noticed that the place was kind of run down and smelled of mildew. A few small insects scurried around on the floor. I was a bit unnerved, but I expected to see worse when I got to Earth. I walked over to the group of men who were dressed in tuxedo’s. They turned to me and one asked, “Who are you?”

I looked at him, smiled, and said, “I heard that you gentleman want to help Earth and I want to join you?”

“How did you find out about us?” another guy asked.

“I know a guy, who knows things.”

“What’s this guys name.”

“He goes by Jack.”

The group of guys looked at each other and smiled, “Alright you can join us if you’d like.”

I didn’t like how they smiled at each other before allowing me to join. It made me feel uncomfortable, but I joined them anyways.

“To catch you up on the details of what we are planning to do when we get to Earth, we simply want you to meet the people of Earth and gain their trust. Start out small and build your way up. We aren’t funded by the Martian government so we can’t have a full-scale war on Earth. But, causing riots might work.”

It was a flawed plan, but one that seemed like it could work on simple-minded people. I believed that these guys’ intuition is greater than my own so I’m going to trust them.

“We’re going to leave in approximately two days.”

The two days came and passed. I had gathered supplies for the long trip to Earth. Eager to help out with a cause that could change an entire planet for the better, I hurried to the spaceport. There I was told what spaceship to take and where to go when I got to Earth. Each person was sent to a separate location on Earth so that with each small riot, a larger revolution was coming to life.

Entering Earth’s atmosphere was really weird, and it made me light-headed. I looked outside and could only feel sympathy for the people who lived on this poor planet. There lives must be awful having to live oppressed by their government. We finally landed, and I expected to see tanks and armed soldiers everywhere. But, when I exited the spaceship, none of that was around. There were guards with tasers, but that was the extent of their weaponry. Walking into the spaceport I saw a lot of people in suits with briefcases. ‘They must be government officials.’ I thought. I stood in line and filled out paperwork before leaving the building. My mission was about to start.

Earth was different from what I was expecting. On the news back on Mars, it seemed like everyone would be in single-file lines and soldiers would be everywhere. What I was seeing was a place that was, for the most part chaotic, but not a bad chaotic. Just a normal chaotic that you normally see in cities. ‘This must be just this area. It has to be a facade, a ruse to make newcomers think everything is fine.’

I decided to travel around the city I was in. The signs say that I am in Dallas. Everywhere I turn people seem to be hurrying to get where they need to go. Remembering that I have a mission to do, I headed to a bar. I found a decent bar in downtown Dallas. It was nicer than what I’m used to seeing. The place was filled with cigarette smoke, like usual, and everyone seemed kind of glum. I walked over to the bartender and asked for the special. He brought it to me, and I started talking to him. I brought up the government and the ‘President’ of Earth and what he thought about them. He said that he didn’t like politics and as far as he could tell, most people didn’t like the President. At least not around in this area.

I thanked him for his time and tipped him. I got up and walked around. I started talking to some older guys in the bar. I asked them similar questions that I had asked the bartender. In an uproar, they started talking about how corrupt the government was and especially how terrible the ‘President’ was. I brought up the idea of starting a revolution. They looked at me and laughed.

“We don’t need to start killing people. We’ll just vote for someone else in a couple of years to be president.” One of the men said.

This made me start thinking that this place wasn’t as bad of as I had thought. Curious if this was the consensus all over the city, I traveled to other bars. For the most part, everyone agreed. Some even revered the ‘President’ as a great human being. My thoughts about the mission started to wane. Maybe I wasn’t cutout for this type of thing. Part of me even wants to move here. It’s kind of nice here. Everyone’s been nice to me, much nicer than they were on Mars. Maybe I will move here permanently and become a citizen of Earth…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we landed on Earth. I wonder how the other people did on their endeavors to start a revolution. I haven’t seen anything on the news. It feels like a mistake to have tried to start something so drastic. I mean I’ve fallen in love with this planet and it’s people. So I guess this was a failed revolution then… But, we’ll see.