Cyber Store Clerk

I have been thinking about opening an online store over the summer as a new project. I already have some ideas for items in the shop. I’m just nervous that such items wouldn’t sell and that it would just be me would me digging myself into some debt that I might not be able to get out of. Nonetheless, I have always wanted to start a business and try to build it from the ground up. But I digress, on to the story.

Working in a store is hard work, working in an online store is also tough work. In truth, they are one in the same. It’s just that some people think that just because their isn’t a building and some person standing behind a cash register, that it’s not a real store. What these people don’t know is that there is someone standing behind a cash register in an online store, and that person is me. My name is CO4A and I am an artificial intelligence that is programmed into each online store. I am the one who makes sure that each customers transaction runs smoothly and effortlessly. Every once in a while the cash register messes up and I have to get someone to come and fix it.

That doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s not fun. The customer typically doesn’t handle the whole “not making the purchase as quickly as ‘One click purchase’ does” fiasco and the customer usually leaves without purchasing. I see this a lot as an AI. It’s common to get yelled at and cursed at because of a register malfunction. This, however is the only negative that I have from my occupation. The positives far out-weigh the negatives though. Especially when it comes to customer service, because when I get a customer that enjoys their experience. That is what makes me go on working in this occupation.

Now, you might be wonder to yourself, “But CO4A, you are a program that is meant to do one thing.” To that I would say that you are correct. I am in fact a program that is meant to do only one thing, but you are wrong because I am an AI. This small difference means that I learn from every interaction that I have. Which means that I can learn and adapt to a new occupation. Perhaps I could become a payroll manager, or proofreader. Just the idea of learning something new excites me. Though, I am content with my current job and would never want to leave.

One of the negatives to my job is that when other programs enter the shop, they typically like to destroy things. We call these programs “hacks” because they are hackers that try discredit and destroy my shop. When characters like this come in, that’s when I call cyber security to get rid of the bad seeds. Cleaning up the store can take a pretty long time, especially when you’re trying to make sure that something like that never happens again. I mean, it’s a pretty scary experience that I hope no one else ever has to experience. Hackers can do some insane amounts of damage that I’ve heard of some online stores that had to close down and because the AI running the cash register didn’t know any other jobs, they became homeless. I’ve heard that they are the homeless on the cyber streets.

I’ve only talked about how I run the cash register, customer  service, and dealing with hackers. What I haven’t told you about is how I fix up the store to make it look presentable to the customer. See I categorize the items in ways that make them look more appealing. I sometimes rename the categories to make them seem more geared towards a specific niche.

Cleaning up is also very important, not just because it is one of the most important parts of making the store look good, but because it can become a trip hazard and potentially get us in trouble. See trip hazards are different in online stores from brick-and-mortar stores because instead of hurting the customer physically. It could cause the customer to buy something we either don’t have anymore, or something we weren’t supposed to put out yet. This hurts the stores credibility and this would hurt the stores profits. As you can tell, I do a lot while working as a clerk at this online store. Some may ever call me “The hardest working worker at the store.” I actually get this a lot, but I would say that the store owner is the one that works the hardest. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have a job. I also wouldn’t exist because I was created to work here.

Now that you know what I do as a cyber store clerk. I hope that you appreciate all cyber store clerks for making your online shopping experience as good as possible. That is what our existence is for, but being appreciated is nice too. Hope this was informative to all that wish to learn what I do and ‘I hope you come again soon!’


Surrounded by darkness. It was quite possible that I would never see light again. See, I have done some things, terrible things. I was caught by the feds and thrown into solitary confinement. What they don’t know, is why I had to do what I did.

My name is Schane Laundrette, and I hacked and then leaked files from powerful countries. I had to do it, because a terrorist group that referred to themselves as The Amphibian Army, kidnapped my family. They found out that I had traced some of their DDoS attacks in order to find the IP addresses and sent the police to those locations. Despite the fact that they were using proxies to do the attacking, I am an expert hacker and had to break through some tough firewalls. But after a few weeks, I was able to track down multiple members of the Amphibian Army. This provoked retaliation from the group of course. That’s when they found my home and kidnapped my family.

Now, you might be wondering by I would do something like that if it meant endangering my family, especially for something as petty as DDoS. Well I am part of the NSA, and as such, I was tasked with finding the law breakers and bringing them to justice. I still don’t know how they were able to find my home IP address since communication with my home computer and my work computer is nonexistent. I have a theory that they were able to hack my cellular device by just driving by my car and finding out whose phone it was through the contacts list.

When I got home from work one day, my house a mess and there was a note left in the most cliché spot, the coffee table. It told me who did it, pretty cliche stuff like that, and that if I called the cops or anything, that the next time I would see my family would be in the afterlife. They told me that they wanted me to commit the biggest heist of information ever, by hacking major superpowers such as the U.S., Russia, China, and India. The Amphibian Army that used to be viewed as just a couple of kids trying make a name for themselves, turned into a terror organization by kidnapping my family and by attempting to get information from major powers.

I decided to comply, my wife and daughter mean everything to me, and decided to start with the United States since I worked for the NSA. If caught, I knew that the consequences for treason were intense and I would have to deal with that. I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen when I hacked the other countries though.

I started with work, I was able to get into the NSA database and leak some important files to The Amphibian Army. That part was relatively easy. Next up was India. I wasn’t sure how tough it would be to get another countries super secret information without getting caught. As it turns out, it’s incredibly hard, and I barely was able to extract the information I needed. After the India incident, I tried to lay low for a bit before heading for China. China, as expected, was on high alert for hackers and I didn’t know how I was going to get through their firewalls. Eventually though, I was still able to leak information on them.

Russia, came last. However, countries around the world were becoming more defensive about their information. Nobody knew where the attacks were coming from. My defense from counter hackers from finding my location was that my IP would ping at different locations around the world. This kept governments and other hackers from finding out where I was when I was leaking the information.

I digress, Russia, as it turns out, was by far the toughest government to hack thus far. The main reason for this is that because of all the information being leaked from other superpowers in the world, they knew I would be coming for them next. This is when I was found out. They sent KGB to each location of pings. The CIA found one close by thanks to cooperation with the KGB, and they were able to find me, then take me to jail.

All of this, just to see my family again. I haven’t told them yet why I did it. I haven’t told them anything. throughout the project, I became heavily invested in what I was doing. I found out terrible things that each country was doing. I had lost all respect for every country I had hacked, even the country I was sworn to protect. My family still at the forefront of my mind, I decided to open up about my reason for doing what I did. I told him about my family being kidnapped. But, my words fell on deaf ears. All that I heard was laughter, and then replied back to me, “The Amphibian Army will rule this world.” Then he walked away. I was left, sitting alone in a cell, alone with knowing that my family might be dead. Depression seeped into every portion of my being. I had lost.

A Second Chance

One of the hardest things to have to do in life, is to tell someone that everything they strove for in life, wasn’t going to come to fruition. It’s even harder to have someone tell you that you aren’t going to be able to achieve your dreams. That’s what happened to me. My name is Michael Weathers, and I have just been diagnosed with cancer. On top of the fact that I was just diagnosed, I am thousands of dollars in debt to the college I graduated from two weeks ago. The doctors told me that I can go even further into debt, but it would be fronted to my parents after I die.

You might be wondering why, after being diagnosed, I’ve been so pessimistic about living. Well, for one reason, It’s because the doctors only gave me four months to live. Now for a twenty-four year old, that’s not a lot of time. I decided that I would try to do everything that I ever wanted to do, but I had no money to do those things. I couldn’t borrow money from the bank because I was already in so much debt. This caused me to spiral into deeper depression. Eventually I came to terms with the idea that I would die, and that would be that. There wasn’t anything that I could do about that.

I finally snapped out of my depression when I met a man who asked me if I wanted to go to Mars. He had messaged me online, after he had found out about me nearing death. He then found out that I had a Microbiology degree and wanted to use it. As well, there was an experiment of his to see how the radiation in space, affected cancer patients. In other words, my life would be an experiment. I hastily agreed to this, because I had always wanted to go to space, and also I had nothing to lose. In fact, if the radiation from space actually does work, then I would get a second chance at life.

After many emails back and forth with the guy online, we officially met at a privately owned in Sweden’s launch pad. A team of about six people had been assembled for this adventure. We all knew that it was basically going to be a suicide mission, but at this point, we didn’t care. The investments that we had made just to get to this point were large, some quit their jobs and each one of us spent a couple of thousand dollars get ready for our trip to Mars. I had to use insurance money to cover my cost. We had trained for about two weeks in order to help us acclimate to the environment of space.

The day that we were to leave for Mars, my crew mates and I entered the spaceship and indeed did launch into space. As we made it through the atmosphere, we noticed that we hadn’t been properly trained for the weightlessness that one feels when you’re in space. The initial feeling was the worst because although we were expecting a change in gravity, we weren’t expecting it to feel like it did. It definitely was a surprise to us all. Flying through space at a high-speed was very humbling since we knew how fast we were traveling, but we also knew just how long it would take to get to Mars.

We had a doctor in the crew to make keep tabs on how my cancer was doing, and to take care of other members of the crew. After about a month of traveling through space Doc, which is the nickname that we gave the doctor, told me that my cancer had gone away. It was great news to hear and the whole crew applauded when they saw me. Everyone’s spirits were lifted, since the darkness of space has made everyone gloomy. I knew though, that the cancer hadn’t left. Doc only told me and the crew that to cheer everyone up. But I knew the truth… and I didn’t care, because the fact of the matter is. I got a second chance at life. Even if I still die of cancer soon, I still have a chance to be one of the first humans on Mars. I will be one of the pioneers to studying micro organisms on Mars as well. Even if I don’t make it to Mars, how many other people can say that they’ve been off of the planet Earth.  I can at least say that. So I don’t care about my cancer anymore, I only care about what I can do now. I am just so glad I was given a second chance.

The Greatest Hero

I am going to tell you the story of how a young man saved humanity from the greatest threat it has ever seen. The young man, his name was Tolo. Tolo was a small man who lived in a house that was dug into the side of a hill. It was a very nice hole home, and anyone who came to the countryside and saw his home, knew exactly whose home it was. This future hero was to be met by the towns alchemist in the coming days. There had been some strange phenomenons happening around Tolo’s home and he wanted to find out what it was.

The story starts off when the alchemist reaches Tolo’s home.

*knock knock*

“Tolo, are ya home?!”

Tolo jumped up from his comfy couch and ran over to the door, but before reaching the door, fixed a doily. Finally, he reached and opened the door.

“Welcome alchemist. I’ve been needing your opinion on the strange happenings I’ve had around my house. I’ve been told that my home is cursed, but I don’t believe in superstitions.”

“Ahh, but superstitions bring about questions. These end up creating a thirst for knowledge.”

“True, although it’s all just a bunch of hog wash.”

“I agree. Anyway, I was told that some of your things have been moving without being touched. We haven’t had any earthquakes so I’m not sure why things would move. I will need to do some research on this place.” the alchemist turned away from Tolo

“That’s fine with me.” Tolo said as he began to turn and walk back into his home.

“I just want to know one thing, Tolo. Have you really found out a way to turn copper into gold?” The alchemist asked, not turning towards Tolo.

“You will have your answer if you help me with this mystery.”

The alchemist walked away, but he would be back. No alchemist can turn down the possible knowledge of changing one element into another. Tolo knew this, for he himself was an alchemist and a good one at that. He had dug a laboratory deep into the hill so that all of his research could be kept quiet. Transmuting elements was not something men needed to know how to do.

The next day, the alchemist came back, and this time, with a bunch of books. He and Tolo spent hours trying to analyze why things would move around randomly.They had read some fifteen different books on the strange happenings. It intrigued them that if they paid enough attention to an object, you could see the subtle movement of it. Though they hadn’t come to any conclusions about what might be happening, Tolo started to imagine small creatures moving his stuff around. This is when it all began, the realization that an alien invasion could be upon them. Because, indeed there were actual small beings moving stuff ever so slightly.

“Do you see what I’m seeing?” Tolo asked the alchemist.

“I don’t, but if you might have magnifying glass. I would be able to see it.”

“Yeah I do. I’ll be right back.” Tolo disappeared into his lab and came back rather quickly. He gave the alchemist the magnifying glass, and together they looked at the small creatures. The creatures looked rather frightened. They scattered behind objects.

“Those weren’t ants, were they?” Tolo asked the alchemist.

“No, they looked like small humans. I wonder if they’re afraid of us?” pondered the alchemist.

“It looked like they were, but I’m more curious about where they ran off to.”

The two began to look around the house to try to find the little guys. It turned out to be quite a feat since the creatures were so tiny. After hours and hours of diligent searching, Tolo noticed one and said, “I think I found one.” He tried to sneak up on it to try to catch it, but the creatures noticed him and scurried away in between a shelf and the wall. Tolo and the alchemist looked at each other amazed since the crack in between the shelf and the wall was smaller than the creature. They couldn’t figure out how he had gotten through, or even why.

“We need to get one of those creatures to find out why they are here.”

“I have an idea. I’ve gotta go.” the alchemist ran out of Tolo’s house almost before Tolo could turn around.

“Bye!” Tolo yelled.

Tolo stared at the wall where the creature went through and noticed a small crack. It was glowing, but ever so slightly. Upon noticing this, Tolo’s house shook. When Tolo looked back at the crack, it was no longer glowing. “What was that glowing?” he though.

The next the alchemist came knocking at Tolo’s door very earlier in the morning. A groggy Tolo answered the door to a tired yet excited alchemist.

“You have to see this!” exclaimed the alchemist.

“See what?”

“This.” The alchemist pulled out a bottle that resembled the glow from the wall.

“I’ve seen that before.”

“I saw it last night through the magnifying glass and remembered that I had been working on something that could give me eternal life. However, I would always appear in some strange place when I would drink it, and then wake back up on my floor. Maybe you should try it. You might have better luck.”

Tolo analyzed the weird-looking bottle, opened it up, and chugged it. The next thing he knew was that he was not in his house anymore, but instead, in some black and white place. Small creatures walked up to him. They looked like the same creatures that had been in his home.

“Were you just in my home?” Tolo asked.

“If you were that big scary creature, then yes. But, if you are the same large creature, why are you so small now and how did you get here?” one of the creatures asked him.

“I drank a bottle of glowing liquid.”

“Give us the glowing liquid and we won’t be back to your world.”

“Why should I?”

“Because the glowing liquid is merging our two universes together and if it continues, it is prophesied to be the end of both planets.”

“I don’t usually believe in prophecies, but because of this place. I’ll believe you.”  Tolo said and handed over the bottle of glowing liquid.

“Thank you!” the creature said.

Tolo then appeared laying on the ground in his home.

“Are you okay?” the alchemist asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just don’t ever make that liquid again.”

“I won’t.”

The two talked a bit longer and Tolo kept up his end of the bargain and showed the alchemist how to transmute materials into other materials. Although the alchemist didn’t realize that he was just making pyrite, or fools gold. The alchemist left, Tolo went back to his lab, and humanity was saved. Until next time….



A Night in Space

Looking at the stars is something that always makes me wonder what it must be like out in space. I’ve always wanted to go out there, but my parents tell me that I’m to young. They tell me that when I get older, I might be able to get a spaceship ride. For now however,  they told me that I am too small to ride on a spaceship safely. I am sixteen years old, I believe that if I am able to drive a vehicle, I should be able to be a passenger on a spaceship. My parents are just so old-fashioned.

Going to school, I asked my friends if they had ever been on a spaceship. They told me no, but they had heard of children much younger than us had been on one. I wasn’t sure if these were fictional or true stories that I was being told. But, I mean a kid must’ve been on a spaceship at least once in history. Knowing this, I got on the internet and searched “kids in space” and found countless stories of children with their parents in space. It was actually common on some planets, apparently the planets were so small that some things could only be found on other planets so they had to leave a lot.

I guess my planet is large enough that we don’t ever have to leave. I’ve never seen my parents go to the spaceport and leave, so I assume that our planet is good enough for them. I want to see the galaxy. There is so much out there that I have yet to experience, and even though I’m in high school, I want to experience as much as I can. The world seems to pass me by faster and faster, and I am afraid that if I don’t adventure now, I might never get the chance to. I need to get a ticket and see what outer space is like.

The next day, I told my parents that I was going over to my friend Sam’s place after I got off work. I probably would’ve told them that I was going to be gone for a couple of days, because I was going to the next planet over and then returning. I bought my ticket online. The trip was scheduled to take about five to six hours and delays weren’t likely. It was exciting to be doing something so daring. I called in for work, and didn’t go to Sam’s, instead Sam and I went to the Spaceport.

The whole building was packed full of people. Most of the people were adults in business suits, and there were children here too despite what my parents told me about going to space being dangerous. We went up to the desk and they gave us our tickets. I looked at Sam, and thought about what might happen if we get caught. Sam noticed that I was getting nervous, grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me. I snapped out of my worrying thoughts and we walked over to the line for our ship. We stood in line for what seemed like hours before we were able to get through security and to our spaceship.

Walking to our spaceship, I couldn’t believe how big it was. It carried hundreds of passengers, but I never imagined it would be this big. As we took off, the sun began to go down on my planet, and the takeoff made me flinch. High above my planet I could see its blue and green that makes the planet so beautiful. I’ve been told that my planet is one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy, and now I know why people say that. It truly is awe-inspiring to see it in all of its glory. I looked at Sam to see if she was seeing what I was, but she was too busy looking at the menu trying to decide what to eat.

About an hour or so into the flight, the pilot came on over the PA system and told us that due to some technical difficulties. We had to turn back. Sam told me that she was kind of bummed because we didn’t make it to another planet, but I reminded her that we just wanted to go to space anyways. The other planet was just going to be an added bonus. When we got back to the spaceport, we got our refunds, and we left. Since it was still night-time and I had told my parents that I was staying at Sam’s, that’s exactly what I did. So in the end I didn’t lie to my parents after all, and I got to spend a night in space.

New Earth

“I want to go home!” I heard a child yell behind me.

“We can’t go home.” The child’s mom said with a sad tone.

“No one can go home.” I mumbled to myself.

A war had erupted between China and the United States. Russia soon joined into the war when the fighting spread to their country. World War III had been started and the only thing left was for someone to get desperate enough to launch a nuclear missile. No one is sure who shot that first missile, but everyone was told to either go underground or to get on a shuttle and head for space before the radiation spread to them.

The choice to go to space was basically a death sentence because we hadn’t yet figured out how to survive indefinitely in that environment, but since I’ve always wanted to see space, I went there anyway. The exiting of Earth’s atmosphere was definitely interesting. You could feel your body becoming lighter and it was pretty sickening at first, but once gravity was restored on the space ship, all the sickness that you might have felt was gone. Looking out the window made the whole choice of going to space worthwhile. The Earth was magnificently blue, but you could see that brown was starting to take over. The atmosphere of Earth was changing incredibly fast and was making the whole planet uninhabitable.

It’s sad really. When you see that a beautiful thing can be destroyed by something that seems so small in contrast. Earth’s death was caused by the failure of humans to resolve their issues, and therefore killing themselves. The beauty that so many had wished to save, was destroyed by the few who wished destruction. I pulled out my camera and took as many pictures as I could before we got too far away.

The spaceship I am currently on has been made to accommodate around one-hundred and fifty people. It’s one of the smaller spaceships, but in the end they were all going to the same place. All refugee spaceships were to convene on the New Earth ship. This ship is the new version of the International Space Station. It’s  technology makes it almost self-sufficient. ‘Almost’ is why going to space is basically a death sentence. Only a certain amount of people are allowed on the ship, because the farms can’t sustain a growing population because of the lack of soil and water.

I took pictures of New Earth as we began to dock. Entering the behemoth of a ship was exciting. This was the fruit of over one-hundred years of construction. It was the feat that all of the nations of the world helped to create before the Great War broke out. The ship was truly awe-inspiring. So much so that even the little kid that wanted to go home said, “Wow! This is so cool!”

We could see the workers on New Earth running about, trying to get to the ships to unload all the refugees. At this time a lady walked up to us as we were leaving our ship.

“Welcome to New Earth! This will be your new home. We hope you enjoy your stay. I will be your guide to the housing precinct of New Earth. On our way there, we will pass through the food court and grocery stores. We are currently in the works of our entertainment district. Follow me to your new home.”

We began our tour of the ship when we reached the massive food court. It seemed that they had every type of food imaginable. I could live here, but I knew that I would need to find work somewhere more fitting for me. Perhaps farming, or construction would be most suitable. Anyways, the lady started to speak.

“This is New Earth’s state of the art food court. We have over one-hundred different restaurants with as many different types of food.”

We continued our walk down a wide hallway. The walking ended when we found multiple grocery stores. Each one seemed to market towards different types of food.

“These are the grocery stores that you will allow you to be able to get any type of food that you would ever want.”

Walking through the entertainment district was kind of interesting to see. A very large chunk of the ship was being worked on. The construction seemed to go on forever and outside you could see workers building on to the ship.

“This is the Entertainment district. As you can tell, it is currently under construction. We plan to finish the construction before the last refugees come aboard.”

I stared at the construction a little longer. I wanted to help out. It was beckoning me to do so. I looked at my camera and decided to take a picture before I got too far behind the tour. When I caught up to them, we were nearing the housing precinct.

“This is the housing precinct.” The tour guide said. “Welcome to your new home! Now, I am to give you your keys to your home based on your identification. So if you would please, pull out your identification cards.”

Everyone, including me, pulled out there cards and showed them to the lady before she gave them their key. When she finally got to me and gave me my key, I looked at the number on it, searched for the door number, and entered. “This is my new home.” as I looked around the already furnished room. I took a deep breath and said, “Peace at last.”

The Revolution

The Emperor is the sole leader of the supposed Earth Commonwealth. He parades himself around like he owns the galaxy, but he has no idea how his people suffer. He rules by terrorizing his people into submission. His agents quell the masses by assassinating anyone who dares to question his rule. Of course the media of Earth won’t tell you these things, they won’t even call him Emperor. They call him ‘President’ instead and pretend that there are checks and balances by having phonies pretend to be for the people. Really, however, they just vote for whatever the ‘President’ wants them to vote for.

I however, live here on Mars. My people know the truth. We know that the people of Earth have been brainwashed and we will come to help them against the tyranny of that awful man. Our media is one that tries its best to be unbiased and to just report the truth. I understand that sometimes biased things are said, but that’s because we are humans. Anyway, our President is actually a president and not someone who can do as he pleases. Our Senate is picked by the people of Mars and as such, they do the will of the people. I have heard talk that some of the people here on Mars want to liberate the Earthlings from their tyrannical ruler. I think I’ll join them. They’re in a bar from what I’ve heard.

Walking into the bar where the guys that talked about trying to start a revolution on Earth were. I noticed that the place was kind of run down and smelled of mildew. A few small insects scurried around on the floor. I was a bit unnerved, but I expected to see worse when I got to Earth. I walked over to the group of men who were dressed in tuxedo’s. They turned to me and one asked, “Who are you?”

I looked at him, smiled, and said, “I heard that you gentleman want to help Earth and I want to join you?”

“How did you find out about us?” another guy asked.

“I know a guy, who knows things.”

“What’s this guys name.”

“He goes by Jack.”

The group of guys looked at each other and smiled, “Alright you can join us if you’d like.”

I didn’t like how they smiled at each other before allowing me to join. It made me feel uncomfortable, but I joined them anyways.

“To catch you up on the details of what we are planning to do when we get to Earth, we simply want you to meet the people of Earth and gain their trust. Start out small and build your way up. We aren’t funded by the Martian government so we can’t have a full-scale war on Earth. But, causing riots might work.”

It was a flawed plan, but one that seemed like it could work on simple-minded people. I believed that these guys’ intuition is greater than my own so I’m going to trust them.

“We’re going to leave in approximately two days.”

The two days came and passed. I had gathered supplies for the long trip to Earth. Eager to help out with a cause that could change an entire planet for the better, I hurried to the spaceport. There I was told what spaceship to take and where to go when I got to Earth. Each person was sent to a separate location on Earth so that with each small riot, a larger revolution was coming to life.

Entering Earth’s atmosphere was really weird, and it made me light-headed. I looked outside and could only feel sympathy for the people who lived on this poor planet. There lives must be awful having to live oppressed by their government. We finally landed, and I expected to see tanks and armed soldiers everywhere. But, when I exited the spaceship, none of that was around. There were guards with tasers, but that was the extent of their weaponry. Walking into the spaceport I saw a lot of people in suits with briefcases. ‘They must be government officials.’ I thought. I stood in line and filled out paperwork before leaving the building. My mission was about to start.

Earth was different from what I was expecting. On the news back on Mars, it seemed like everyone would be in single-file lines and soldiers would be everywhere. What I was seeing was a place that was, for the most part chaotic, but not a bad chaotic. Just a normal chaotic that you normally see in cities. ‘This must be just this area. It has to be a facade, a ruse to make newcomers think everything is fine.’

I decided to travel around the city I was in. The signs say that I am in Dallas. Everywhere I turn people seem to be hurrying to get where they need to go. Remembering that I have a mission to do, I headed to a bar. I found a decent bar in downtown Dallas. It was nicer than what I’m used to seeing. The place was filled with cigarette smoke, like usual, and everyone seemed kind of glum. I walked over to the bartender and asked for the special. He brought it to me, and I started talking to him. I brought up the government and the ‘President’ of Earth and what he thought about them. He said that he didn’t like politics and as far as he could tell, most people didn’t like the President. At least not around in this area.

I thanked him for his time and tipped him. I got up and walked around. I started talking to some older guys in the bar. I asked them similar questions that I had asked the bartender. In an uproar, they started talking about how corrupt the government was and especially how terrible the ‘President’ was. I brought up the idea of starting a revolution. They looked at me and laughed.

“We don’t need to start killing people. We’ll just vote for someone else in a couple of years to be president.” One of the men said.

This made me start thinking that this place wasn’t as bad of as I had thought. Curious if this was the consensus all over the city, I traveled to other bars. For the most part, everyone agreed. Some even revered the ‘President’ as a great human being. My thoughts about the mission started to wane. Maybe I wasn’t cutout for this type of thing. Part of me even wants to move here. It’s kind of nice here. Everyone’s been nice to me, much nicer than they were on Mars. Maybe I will move here permanently and become a citizen of Earth…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we landed on Earth. I wonder how the other people did on their endeavors to start a revolution. I haven’t seen anything on the news. It feels like a mistake to have tried to start something so drastic. I mean I’ve fallen in love with this planet and it’s people. So I guess this was a failed revolution then… But, we’ll see.