Protectors of the Forest

“Why are we doing this? Walking around in these cloaks won’t help us hide. I mean, can’t they see us?” I said.

“What are you talking about? They are humans,they don’t see much. So they won’t see us.”

Hi, my name is Lesdir and I am an elf. The humans have made a camp in my forest and since I just became a Defender of the Forest, which is what you become when you come of age and pass a test of skill, I was chosen to spy on their actions alongside Captain Fryndal to see if it is a military camp or if they are going to damage our forest out of greed. Humans are a stupid yet dangerous species that has no knowledge about nature, so they tend to destroy anything and everything that nature has provided for us. We elves, on the other hand, know all there is to know about nature. We love nature and will do anything and everything we can to protect it.

“To be clear, the reason they can’t see us in these cloaks is because the cloaks change colors to camouflage us with our surroundings.” Captain Fryndal explained.

“Well that clears that up.” we walk through the humans camp while they sleep, “So, what do you think? Are they a threat to the forest?”

“Well, humans are strange creatures. Just because they don’t look dangerous, doesn’t mean that they aren’t dangerous. We will need to keep an eye on them during the day, in order to make an accurate assessment.”

We walk over to a nearby tree and climb up it hastily to watch them from a safe distance. As the sun rises in the sky, the humans become more active. They wake up and immediately they get to working on what they came here for. I was very intrigued by how the humans utilize nature and create things like we have, especially since they are such dumb creatures. They have created what Fryndal called ‘tools’. “They like to use them to destroy nature.” he told me, “If they start to chop down these trees. It is our duty as elves to kill them.”

I looked at the Captain, nodded, and then turned back to watch the humans as they used their tools to cook food, and then started to break down their camp.

“What are those things on their backs?” I asked Captain Fryndal.

“Those are what they call guns. Humans use them to kill things with. Don’t worry though, they can’t hurt us as long as we are paying attention.”

“Is that because we have magic?”

“Precisely. Magic is more powerful than human weaponry.”

“So where do you think they are going?” I asked.

“They are getting ready for a sneak attack from the looks of it.”

“Should we kill them, then?”

“As long is they don’t harm our forest, and our people, we won’t need to kill them.”

We sat back and waited, watching. Until gunshots started going off. We watched as the humans from the camp died, one after the other, until only a few were left. They threw up their hands and fell to the ground. We watched as the few that surrendered were beaten and then dragged off by the new group of humans.

I looked over at Captain Fryndal, “Humans really are dumb creatures. What does this fighting even accomplish?”

“It usually accomplishes nothing but destruction. The destruction of our forest. That is why we have to protect it from the likes of humans.”

We followed the new group of humans until they entered a metal vessel with wheels and left the forest.

“Good riddance.” I thought to myself.

“It is time to get back to our village. Now that you have seen what humans are, do you now see why we must defend our forest so fiercely?”

“I’ve always known why we have to protect our forest. But, seeing the idiocy of humans, I now know just how stupid these creatures can be. That much stupidity is dangerous.”

“Good. Young Lesdir, you will get to tell the chief what you saw today. He will decide what we should do.”

The world had become a little darker to me after what I had witnessed. However, I am now more certain than ever as to why we are the guardians of nature and because of this, I now know what my duty is. That is to be a protector of the forest.



The World Through My Eyes

In this world, we tend to only to see things in black and white, but what we don’t realize is that the world is full of many different colors like a Van Gogh painting. The scent of the air is fresh like a freshly cut lawn.  The sounds around us are like an orchestra playing constantly only with different melodies. But people don’t notice these things, they only notice what they want to notice, but I notice them. I notice them because I am a dog.

I know what your thinking, “Dogs can’t see color.” You would be wrong. I can see many different colors, and they are gorgeous. However, I could be a special case of a dog, but I don’t think that to be true. The reason I say that is because every time my owner and I go to the park, the other dogs tell me about the things they have seen. That is, however, after we smell each other hello.  The trees and grass are so green when it is warm out, and yellow or bare when it is cold. That doesn’t stop us from having fun though. We play with each other until our owners tell us that we have to leave.

Home is the best place in the world. It’s where I sleep, I cuddle with my owner, and where I eat and drink at. I love Home because that is where my owner is, and I love my owner. Sometimes we even play there too, and sometimes I get in trouble. But that is okay because we still love each other. What could possibly make this better? The answer to that question is simple, if everyone could take a step back and see the world through my eyes, the eyes of a dog, then everything would be better. People would appreciate things more, because life is full of color, you just have to open your eyes to see it.

The Decay

The gray misty skies seem like the norm ever since The Decay began. That’s what my teachers at school call it anyway. My parents actually died during the event, however I survived because I was rescued by the dean of the boarding school that I attend. This decay was not of the Earth, it was however a decay of the human civilization. Mother Nature had begun reclaiming her domain from us.

I live in the city of Ectopolis at the Sampson’s School for boys. It was created to help children such as myself be able to survive in this anti-human world. The weapons that we had previously used to kill each other, are almost useless when combating plants.

I know that you’re probably thinking about napalm and flamethrowers and pesticides. Well these plants have evolved to so that pesticides no longer work on them. However, fire still does work even though they usually put them out with fluids they secrete, or use the flames against us by swinging around and dropping flaming leaves on us.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that our city is surrounded by a wall and the ground is covered in cement. Trees and grass are a thing of the passed for us, although we grow genetically altered vegetables just like we’ve been doing for centuries. No ones sure what caused the new anti-human plants to exist. All we know is that when the asteroid hit, the Decay started.
Legends say that the asteroid is like a castle surrounded by the largest and most powerful plants in the world. These plants have tainted the plants around the world and caused them attack humans and destroy all of our creations.

The dean told me that my parents died a noble death, protecting me from the plants that surrounded us. When he showed up, he told me that the plants were salivating on my bald white head as I cried. I was still an infant at this time and the dean was most likely using a weapon similar to what we’ve been training with. These weapons are plasma rifles that burn through anything and burn the green earth.

The reason that we use plasma rifles to destroy the plants has to do with the fact that they can’t deal with the super heated blasts and today we are going to test out the plasma cannon. This is going to be so much fun. This cannon is going to be used to decimate large areas of tainted plant growth. We are going to shoot it off of Kento Peak, which is the tallest peak in our region. If it works out, then we are going to try out building a plasma missile to destroy even more plants at a single time.

….IT WORKED!!!! The plants were completely eradicated from the face of our planet! Time will only tell when we finally reclaim this planet as ours! Our next mission is to create a missile to destroy the asteroid with…

…. What’s this?! Where did all these plants come from!? They’ve destroyed the cannon! How can this be!? It’s time for a tactical retreat, the dean says. I guess things aren’t always as easy as they seem. Just remember, you damn plants! WE WILL TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS!

A mysterious voice echoed through my head saying that this is their planet and it always has been. They are just reclaiming it from us.

Are we the invaders? I don’t care at this point, they killed my parents and I cannot forgive them for that. I will fight them as long as I can, and I will never surrender!

Destructive Nature

The news has been telling me to go underground because a tornado is headed towards me. Panicked by the fact that I don’t live near any sort of underground shelter, I find the safest spot in my apartment which is my bathroom. I lay down in the tub and put a mattress over me so that any sort of debris will hopefully just fall on top of the mattress.

The tornado travels over my apartment building and while it is over me, I can hear what sounds like a train above me. Crashing noises were everywhere and all I could hope for was the peace and calmness that comes after a storm passes. I started to feel weightless but I had had my eyes closed for fear of seeing what was happening.

Suddenly, the sounds stopped and I opened my eyes. The mattress was no longer on top of me. In fact, I wasn’t even in my apartment. I was in a field somewhere in the country. Maybe that was where the weightlessness came from, because the tornado must have carried me over here. But, how did I make it out without any cuts and bruises from the debris that a tornado carries. I don’t know how I survived, but what I do know is that I was carried six miles southwest of my apartment building. That was one crazy storm.