The World Through My Eyes

In this world, we tend to only to see things in black and white, but what we don’t realize is that the world is full of many different colors like a Van Gogh painting. The scent of the air is fresh like a freshly cut lawn.  The sounds around us are like an orchestra playing constantly only with different melodies. But people don’t notice these things, they only notice what they want to notice, but I notice them. I notice them because I am a dog.

I know what your thinking, “Dogs can’t see color.” You would be wrong. I can see many different colors, and they are gorgeous. However, I could be a special case of a dog, but I don’t think that to be true. The reason I say that is because every time my owner and I go to the park, the other dogs tell me about the things they have seen. That is, however, after we smell each other hello.  The trees and grass are so green when it is warm out, and yellow or bare when it is cold. That doesn’t stop us from having fun though. We play with each other until our owners tell us that we have to leave.

Home is the best place in the world. It’s where I sleep, I cuddle with my owner, and where I eat and drink at. I love Home because that is where my owner is, and I love my owner. Sometimes we even play there too, and sometimes I get in trouble. But that is okay because we still love each other. What could possibly make this better? The answer to that question is simple, if everyone could take a step back and see the world through my eyes, the eyes of a dog, then everything would be better. People would appreciate things more, because life is full of color, you just have to open your eyes to see it.


The Feeling

I’ve wondered if I should act on this feeling of mine. Every time I’m around her its as if I can’t breath, but when she leaves I want to ask her to wait for me. I can’t however, do to the constraints that my mind tells me binds me to the wall of loneliness. If only I could break those constraints and act upon my hearts urge to just tell her my feelings, at least then I would be free. Free to make my own mistakes so that I could stop regretting not making them.

Sadly, I might just be a hopeless cause. Only to roam this world with nothing more than myself to try and carry forward. This thought only drags me further and further away from ever reaching my goal. My goal of just opening the essence of my soul and letting her know that she means the most to me, even more than myself.

One day I swear to myself that I will stand up and walk over to her and just say the words, ” Will you be my one and only.” Then and only then shall I be free.