The Dark

It was a cold night in the concrete jungle that I call my home. I had just gotten off work and was heading to meet my friends at the nearby coffee shop. Usually I walk down 1st street and then turn down Jefferson Avenue to get to my destination of fun and conversation. Tonight however, I decided that cutting through some of the alleys would get me destination even faster. Now that everything is all said and done I’m not so sure it was a good idea, but who am I to decide.

As I walked down the alley in between 1st and 2nd street, I came across a gold necklace that was just laying on the ground. On the necklace was a symbol that looked like something Norse related. I decided that I could probably sell it and get a lot of money from it, so I went ahead and took it without a second thought. When I reached the end of the tunnel, I noticed that there wasn’t a living soul in sight. Actually, there weren’t even cars or bikes or anything like that lying around. Everyone and every mode of transportation had just vanished into thin air.

I shivered not only because of the fact that it was cold, but because of the realization that I might actually be the last person on Earth. Realizing that this must’ve happened because of the necklace, I looked at it to analyze the symbol that was on it. The symbol was of half a tree. Realizing what this might mean, I dropped the necklace and everything came back instantly. The people, the cars, bikes, and even stray animals all appeared instantly before my eyes. I looked back down at the gold item and decided that it would a good idea to keep it just in case so I put it in my coat pocket and went on my way.

I finally made it to the coffee shop and met up with my friends like usual, except this time I had something special to tell them about. Or maybe I will just keep it to myself. I mean it’s not like they’d believe me anyway, right? So I tucked the necklace deep into my pocket and didn’t take it out until I got to my apartment. I put the necklace it my dresser and the next thing I know, my dresser disappears. Not the best idea I suppose. It will still be cool when I find it, right? Maybe?

Relaxation Day

The sky was blue and the birds were chirping. The temperature was very pleasant, with only a slight breeze that blew every so often. Looking around, the world seemed so bright, calm, and peaceful. It was as if someone had plucked a scene from a children’s book and placed it into the world around me. I was sitting on a park bench, watching the people walk past me without much urgency. Never had I seen such a calm scene unfold before me.

I started to yawn, so I decided to walk back to my apartment which was only a few blocks away. During my walk, I past by the coffee shop and the bakery which were next door to each other. The aromas of the two stores were conflicting, but still somehow the smell was quite good. This was something that I should probably start doing everyday, or at least a couple times a week. It’s sometimes nice to just get out of the apartment and enjoy your surroundings. I started to approach the building that my apartment was in, although part of me did not want to go back in there, I knew that going back was the best course of action.

I up the flights of stairs and entered my apartment, slamming the door behind me. ‘Hello’ a woman asked, ‘Who’s there?’ She came around the corner with a bat and looked at me, ‘Maybe it was just the wind.’ she said putting down the bat. I walked over to see what the woman was doing. It turns out she was watching a baseball game on her television, how ironic. But I did not to watch a baseball game, in fact I didn’t want to watch anything at all so I turned off the television. ‘Why does this stupid tv keep doing that!’ yelled the woman and she turned the machine back on.

If only she could see me. Oh well, there goes my relaxation day. Sometimes it sucks being a ghost.

The Ol’ West

“Who do ya think ya are doing this to my Saloon?!” the bartender yelled at me.

“I reckon that I had to exercise my rights.” I said relatively calmly.

“Well ya reckoned wrong! Look at what you did.”

I turned around to see dozens of men laying on the ground, either unconscious or dead. I wasn’t sure.

“They shouldn’t have messed with me. I mean I was only mindin my own business and they started shoutin and one even pushed me.” I said.

“That didn’t mean that you had to start shootin.”

At this time the sheriff pushed through the doors.

“Who is it that I’m gonna have to lock up.” the sheriff said.

“This man here is the man that you should lock up.” the bartender said pointing at me.

“At least hear my side of the story.” I said, “I walked in here planning on getting a drink and forgetting about my day when these simpletons decided to start somethin with me so I fought back. One even had the gall to push me.”

“And that’s why you started shootin the life out of these poor souls?” the sheriff asked.

“No, that’s when they started shootin at me. After I knocked some of their friends out, they got scared and pulled out there guns and so I kicked up my table and used it as a shield from some of their bullets and I shot back.” I said pointing at the table that was sideways and reminded me of Swiss cheese.

“And what’s your side of the story then barkeep? Reckon we jail this outlaw or let him free?”

“I think he should pay me for all these damages he caused me, or go to jail.”

“I don’t have that kind of money though. It wasn’t even my fault that they started the whole thing so I don’t think I should have to pay.”

“Okay, okay. I see what’s going on.” the sheriff thought for a moment, “maybe you two should take this down to court and get this settled.”

“But isn’t that a three days ride to the courthouse?” I asked.

“That it is.” said the sheriff.

I looked at the bartender who looked back at me. “Alright I can’t lose that much business for one annoying customer. I’ll drop the charges.”

This is my typical day in the Ol’ West.

Adventure of a Space Captain.

The year is 2134, or at least that’s what it says on the screen in the main room of our ship. I’m not quite sure if that year applies to us since we are no longer on Earth. My name Gearge and the ship I’m on is called the Mayflower 2.0. Why they called it that I have no idea, it’s not like we are trying to settle a new colony or anything. We just deliver goods from one planet to the next. It’s a boring job,but I guess somebody has to do it.

One day we were transporting a 20 foot pure gold diamond encrusted statue when space pirates attacked our ship. I couldn’t blame them for invading since I was even wondering if I can sneak a diamond or two from the statue. They came up close to our transport freighter and decided that they were going to board so they lined up their doors with our doors.

When the pirates decided to board our ship, they came on with their guns in hand. I guess they didn’t really guess that we would have military grade troops on our ship for such a shipment. It wasn’t a long fight at all, after 10 minutes of fighting, the pirates surrendered. Already, three of their members were dead but some of my crew members and I had gotten injured. My injury however, was only a sprained ankle from when I chased the pirates onto their ship. They were arrested and I got to keep some of the treasure that we found on their ship. It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough to buy me a new house with.

That day the action might have been short, but it changed my life forever. I now know how important my job can be and how dangerous it is. That is why I find pride in being the captain of the transport ship Mayflower 2.0.


“Everybody hold your stations!” Herbert yelled to his soldiers. Bullets were flying over the trenches and other commanders yelling orders to keep their soldiers in line. Explosions blowing entire battalions away. Herbert looked over to see one of his younger troops curled up in a ball, crying.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing soldier!” Herbert yelled.

“I-I can’t stay here. I don’t belong here!” the soldier yelled back.

Herbert slapped him in the face then pulled him by his jacket towards him “None of us belong here! Do you really think that we would be here if we weren’t trying to stop this hell from coming into our country?!”

The soldier looked around at all the soldiers around him. He noticed that their expressions were full of resilience. They were fighting for a cause that was greater than themselves, because they were fighting for their family and friends.

Herbert saw his expression change to determination “Now pick your gun up and remember who you are fighting for!”

The soldier picked his gun up and started shooting at the oncoming troops with a new sense of urgency. Herbert continued to yell orders at his subordinates as the war raged on without an end in sight and rain began to pour from the sky.


Samuel lived in a country house in Cimarron county Kansas, which he liked because it was quiet and simple. He worked at a nearby manufacturing plant all day, and then spent the rest of his day watching television. The occasional book was a good escape from his normal life, as were the walks in the countryside and the drives into nearby Dodge City. Everything was nice and calm for Samuel.

On one particular day, Samuel got bored so he went for a walk into the countryside. It was close to sunset so he didn’t want to stray too far from his house. As he stopped to stare at the beautiful starry sky, he noticed a shooting star. He wished that he had someone else to share the wonderful moment with. At that moment, the star changed course and started heading towards him. Spooked by this sudden change of what he thought was probably space junk turned out to be some sort of flying object. Samuel started to run towards his house in hope that he could get there before the shooting star could get to him. His attempt proved futile, because the shooting star was traveling towards him much faster than he could ever hope to travel.

Within a few minutes of the initial change of direction, Samuel found himself with a shooting star above him. He paused to see if the star had stopped moving above him. Indeed it had, so he started back to running to his house again. Close to his front porch, he was hoping that he was home free of whatever was following him. Just before he reached the porch a sudden light appeared, engulfed him, and Samuel disappeared. The date was April 6, 2075. Was it aliens? Nobody knows.

The Weirdest Day

The day started out like any other day. There was nothing but normality around every corner that I passed in the city. It was kind of weird. Everything seemed almost too normal. I mean, everyone acted just the way they usually did without anything being off kilter. My gut told me that it was all just an act, but I didn’t want to accept that anything was wrong. Boy was I wrong though.

The sky was blue with a few clouds, and the sun was shining as bright as it could. I was walking by an alley when I heard this voice that made think something wanted me to travel down that alley. My intuition told me that I probably should not trust such a voice, however I did end up traveling down that alley anyway. As I entered this dark and creepy alley, I could tell it wasn’t like any other alley. At the end of the alley was a wall that had an old church door painted on it. Darkness passed around me as I walked towards the painted on door. When I touched the wall the door was painted on, I got sucked in like a vacuum cleaner sucking up dirt.

My next memory was looking up and seeing birds flying through the air and the aroma of lavender passing into my nose. I rose to my feet to see the most beautiful scenery my eyes had ever seen. There was a deep blue pond with a prairie surrounding most of it and a forest on the other side. I looked around to see if there was any sign of civilization and in fact there was. A literal sign that said ‘civilization this way’ pointing towards the forest was placed not far from where I appeared.

As I traveled into the forest, I saw the civilization that the sign was referring to. There were tree houses connected to each other by bridges. At the far end of the tree house town, there was a rather large and beautifully made tree house. It was made out of oak wood that looked like it had a layer of finish on it. I walked up to the large house and yelled ‘Is anyone here!?’. A rather large man appeared from the house and shouted back ‘Welcome trave… Wait your not the right person! Send him back!’. The next thing I knew, I was standing on the sidewalk. I startled everyone around me, including myself. That was one weird day.