You Can Do It

I sit here in my calm, uninteresting house as the world outside unfolds into chaos. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, as I ponder about how long I’m going to be able to keep living this way. I’ve been getting way too much takeout for my bank account to sustain. I woke up this morning to find out that I’m going to be out of work for a few more weeks than expected, but I won’t be paid for the remaining three weeks.

This sucks, of course, not getting paid always sucks, but I like to think of this as a sort of plus. I’m not going to be working, but now I can focus on what I like to do even more. Writing, focusing on this blog, and playing video games with friends. This pandemic has made the world all topsy-turvy, but it can be a plus. One can now focus on exercising more, or going on a diet. We have more time to focus on ourselves more than ever before, even if it was thrust upon us.

I’m not trying to make light of the pandemic, but the chaos and frustration that people are dealing with constantly is kind of overbearing for a lot of people. I think, more than ever, we just need to take a step back and focus on ourselves. Make sure that we are healthy, and that we are doing everything we can to make ourselves the best that we can be. Write that book you’ve been keeping in the back of your mind. Paint that painting that you keep envisioning. Sculpt the sculpture that you’ve been wanting to make. This is the perfect time to let out that creativity that you’ve kept inside.

We are stronger than this pandemic and we will get through it. The day that we are freed from the chains of the pandemic, is the day that we get back to the way things were. With calm minds, we will prevail… Well, I’m off to have some tea. Maybe, do some calisthenics and meditation, I don’t honestly know. Take care and be safe everyone! And remember, we will get through this.

7 thoughts on “You Can Do It

  1. well written, especially the last paragraph. time to write that book! yes! and we can always learn to live with less, times are hard for everyone getting laid off but it also realigns our focus, really appreciate your words today.

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  2. That’s so true. It is tough in different areas whether financially, socially, or mentally. But we can try to make the best of it right now, and help others too. One day soon we’ll be back to normal

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