The Trail of Life

Life is a strange and awkward trail that takes its hikers on a journey of a lifetime. This journey can be made more difficult or easier depending on the decisions the hiker makes, however the trail is never easy. Life is in fact the longest and hardest trail that a hiker will ever take.  When a hiker starts their hike along the path , they can choose to make their own path or follow a path already laid in front of them. This brand new path might end up not going anywhere, it might end up leading to another already beaten path, or it might become its own brand new path for others to follow.

The trail is a difficult one where hikers must be able to overcome obstacles such as boulders, rivers, mountains, etc. Life is exhausting and is not easily traversed. Many hikers become confused on the trail and don’t know where they are at, however as long as they continue on their path they will find out where they are going eventually. The secret to the trail called Life is to just put one foot in front of the other and you will find your way. Just keep going,