New Earth

“I want to go home!” I heard a child yell behind me.

“We can’t go home.” The child’s mom said with a sad tone.

“No one can go home.” I mumbled to myself.

A war had erupted between China and the United States. Russia soon joined into the war when the fighting spread to their country. World War III had been started and the only thing left was for someone to get desperate enough to launch a nuclear missile. No one is sure who shot that first missile, but everyone was told to either go underground or to get on a shuttle and head for space before the radiation spread to them.

The choice to go to space was basically a death sentence because we hadn’t yet figured out how to survive indefinitely in that environment, but since I’ve always wanted to see space, I went there anyway. The exiting of Earth’s atmosphere was definitely interesting. You could feel your body becoming lighter and it was pretty sickening at first, but once gravity was restored on the space ship, all the sickness that you might have felt was gone. Looking out the window made the whole choice of going to space worthwhile. The Earth was magnificently blue, but you could see that brown was starting to take over. The atmosphere of Earth was changing incredibly fast and was making the whole planet uninhabitable.

It’s sad really. When you see that a beautiful thing can be destroyed by something that seems so small in contrast. Earth’s death was caused by the failure of humans to resolve their issues, and therefore killing themselves. The beauty that so many had wished to save, was destroyed by the few who wished destruction. I pulled out my camera and took as many pictures as I could before we got too far away.

The spaceship I am currently on has been made to accommodate around one-hundred and fifty people. It’s one of the smaller spaceships, but in the end they were all going to the same place. All refugee spaceships were to convene on the New Earth ship. This ship is the new version of the International Space Station. It’s  technology makes it almost self-sufficient. ‘Almost’ is why going to space is basically a death sentence. Only a certain amount of people are allowed on the ship, because the farms can’t sustain a growing population because of the lack of soil and water.

I took pictures of New Earth as we began to dock. Entering the behemoth of a ship was exciting. This was the fruit of over one-hundred years of construction. It was the feat that all of the nations of the world helped to create before the Great War broke out. The ship was truly awe-inspiring. So much so that even the little kid that wanted to go home said, “Wow! This is so cool!”

We could see the workers on New Earth running about, trying to get to the ships to unload all the refugees. At this time a lady walked up to us as we were leaving our ship.

“Welcome to New Earth! This will be your new home. We hope you enjoy your stay. I will be your guide to the housing precinct of New Earth. On our way there, we will pass through the food court and grocery stores. We are currently in the works of our entertainment district. Follow me to your new home.”

We began our tour of the ship when we reached the massive food court. It seemed that they had every type of food imaginable. I could live here, but I knew that I would need to find work somewhere more fitting for me. Perhaps farming, or construction would be most suitable. Anyways, the lady started to speak.

“This is New Earth’s state of the art food court. We have over one-hundred different restaurants with as many different types of food.”

We continued our walk down a wide hallway. The walking ended when we found multiple grocery stores. Each one seemed to market towards different types of food.

“These are the grocery stores that you will allow you to be able to get any type of food that you would ever want.”

Walking through the entertainment district was kind of interesting to see. A very large chunk of the ship was being worked on. The construction seemed to go on forever and outside you could see workers building on to the ship.

“This is the Entertainment district. As you can tell, it is currently under construction. We plan to finish the construction before the last refugees come aboard.”

I stared at the construction a little longer. I wanted to help out. It was beckoning me to do so. I looked at my camera and decided to take a picture before I got too far behind the tour. When I caught up to them, we were nearing the housing precinct.

“This is the housing precinct.” The tour guide said. “Welcome to your new home! Now, I am to give you your keys to your home based on your identification. So if you would please, pull out your identification cards.”

Everyone, including me, pulled out there cards and showed them to the lady before she gave them their key. When she finally got to me and gave me my key, I looked at the number on it, searched for the door number, and entered. “This is my new home.” as I looked around the already furnished room. I took a deep breath and said, “Peace at last.”


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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