The sound of the ocean on the beach was calming. Henry knew that the ocean was a terrifying and destructive place, but it was also beautiful.  He had been the captain of a ship. He had seen the hardships of war, and the hardships of seafaring life. Henry had been on his way back to England from the Caribbean when a hurricane struck his ship. They had been thrown off course, and the ship had been badly damaged. So badly damaged that water had started seeping into the ship. If they didn’t get to a port quickly, then their goose was cooked. They knew that there wasn’t anywhere that was close enough for them to port before the ship submerged. However, they hadn’t lost hope. Henry was a charismatic captain and he always kept his men’s spirits high.

“If we give up hope now, then we will never see the lovely lass’ waitin for us at the dock.” Henry said.

The men all cheered. The thought of their loved ones was enough to make any man try to stay alive. No one could figure out how to patch the holes in the ship up until one lad picked up a table and said, “Does anyone have a sword?”. He was handed one, and then started cutting the table. “Does anyone have any glue, or tape, or nails and a hammer?” he asked. Some of the crewman grabbed  boards and ripped them off the ship in order to get some nails. The young lad was given a hammer and the nails from the boards. He was lowered down with some rope by the other sailors. The young lad finished repairing the holes with the parts of the table and the sailors pulled him up. Everyone cheered. The crew now had hope that they could make it to a port.

The next day a silhouette appeared in the distance. It seemed to be a warship, but Henry didn’t know what nationality. As the ship drew closer it was plain to see. They had come into contact with a Spanish ship. Spain was an enemy to the crown, and so they lined up with their cannons targeting the ship. “Fire!” Henry yelled, hoping to sink their ship before they could fire back. Sadly, all of the cannonballs missed. The ship was quick, it was coming in fast. “Reload quickly, and fire again!!!”, but it was too late. The Spanish ship rammed the side of Henry’s ship and Henry, the ship, and his crew were destined for the bottom of the sea.

The next thing Henry knew was that he had washed up on a beach. He sat up and looked around. What he saw was sandy beach and jungle behind him. He must’ve been laying there for sometime because his clothes felt pretty dry. His stomach growls sending a signal to him that he needs to find food quickly. Realizing that because of the water in his shoes, his feet were hurting. He took off his shoes and socks. Henry kept them with him as we walked into the jungle.

“What happened to my crew?” Henry thought to himself. “Am I the only one who made it?”

He quickly shook that thought from his mind, “If I could survive, then so could they.”

As he walked into the jungle looking for a strong stick and vine in order to make a fishing rod, he found out that he was exactly right. The young lad who had fixed the ship was in the jungle.

“Charles you made it to the island as well?” Henry yelled, excited to see another person.

“Captain! I thought you had died. I saw your body on the beach, but I wasn’t sure if you had made it.” Charles replied.

“So, you were just going to leave my body on the beach?”

“I was picking up sticks in order to burn your body. Give it a ceremonial way to go.”

“Well that’s good to here.” Henry said feeling relieved. “Have you seen anyone else from our crew?”

“You’re all that I’ve seen. I fear that the rest died during the crash.” said Charles looking at the ground. “I miss those guys.”

“You and I both. They were family, but first things first. We need to build a shelter and get food.”

“Aye, aye captain.”

The two began to run around gathering supplies. Charles focused on building the shelter while Henry made spears and fishing rods. Henry also knew nature pretty well. He knew what kinds of berries and fruits were good and which ones were bad. For the first day, the berries were all they had to eat. However, the shelter they had built turned out to be fairly sturdy withstanding a storm that came through during their first night. The next day, they woke up at sunrise and began hunting. They noticed that snakes and spiders were in abundance on the island. So they were very careful about where they went. Charles decided that fishing was probably more of his strong suit, since he did a lot of that while on the ship. Henry continued his hunting and caught a few small animals.

The days went on like this. Henry and Charles becoming more and more proficient with their tasks. Repairing and improving the shelter was a constant chore, but they did well. One day, while Charles was fishing, he noticed a silhouette in the distance. It reminded him of the day of the crash. It was heading straight for them. He ran back to tell Henry to get some wood and flint.They got the supplies and ran back to the beach. The boat was starting to turn away from them. Hurriedly, they started a fire in hopes that they might get the ships attention. It worked. The ship turned towards them. Better yet, it was an English ship.

The ship anchored close to the beach. “What happened to you Captain Henry?” said the captain of the English ship. “Did your ship go down, or was it taken control of by the enemy?”

“It was sunk by the damned Spanish!” Henry said.

“How long have you been out here?”

“About three weeks.”

“Lets get you home. You there, boy! Do you have a name?”

“Aye, my name is Charles?”

“Could you tell me what happened?”

“A Spanish ship rammed our ship, and the captain and I were beached by the waters on this island.”

“Well then. Gather up yours and the captains stuff and lets get back on the ship.”

Charles ran and grabbed the food they had gotten for that day and brought it to the ship.

“Set sail for England!” The captain of the ship yelled. Henry never thought he would hear those words ever again. He would finally get to see his wife and daughter again.

“I will never leave them again.” He thought to himself. “Never. Again.”


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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