Deep in the Sea

It was cold and dark, the deep sea wasn’t something that seemed habitable. The mysteries of the deep sea were ours to uncover, but we didn’t realize what creatures could ever survive in such a place. As marine biologists, it was our duty to find out what was lurking around in these parts. We had gotten reports from fishermen that something ominous could be spotted from the surface. Knowing that things such as giant squid are known to live down deep in the ocean, we tried to be as careful as possible. Scientists had recently created new deep sea diving gear that is meant to help us last for many hours in the water, and has insulation so that we don’t get too cold.

The submarine that we used to get as far down as possible, was also built with new tech. This new technology is supposed to help the underwater vehicle from being crushed by the weight of the atmosphere around it. My colleagues and I leave the submarine and enter the deep sea. Despite the new technology, it still made it very hard to breathe and the cold water was still very much cold. Our mission to find this creature that fishermen had been talking about was about to commence.

With our head lamps on, we descended into the abyss. This far down into the ocean had a chilling mood, like the only thing here was death. My fellow divers and I had explored the deep ocean before, but nothing quite like this. We were definitely in for a treat.

As we were swimming around, we noticed a little light coming from the distance.  We got back into the submarine and traveled towards the light. The light began to get larger and larger as we got closer to it. We each looked at each other, wondering if we had just found the lost city of Atlantis. We took pictures with the cameras that we had brought with us to record what we have seen. One of the guys thought he could see buildings when the light seemed really close, however it disappeared suddenly.

The light from our submarine got a glimps of a giant eye. We knew exactly what we had found. It was a giant squid. Most likely this is what the fishermen had been seeing. This was definitely something to worry about, especially this deep into the ocean. We turned around and sped away as fast as the submarine could go in the opposite direction. Noticing that the squid wouldn’t be able to keep up, I turned to a colleague and asked if got the coordinates that we were at. He nodded with a very big grin on his face. We knew we had found something amazing. And next time, we won’t be blocked by some squid. Next time we’ll find out what that light was.


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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