The Revolution

The Emperor is the sole leader of the supposed Earth Commonwealth. He parades himself around like he owns the galaxy, but he has no idea how his people suffer. He rules by terrorizing his people into submission. His agents quell the masses by assassinating anyone who dares to question his rule. Of course the media of Earth won’t tell you these things, they won’t even call him Emperor. They call him ‘President’ instead and pretend that there are checks and balances by having phonies pretend to be for the people. Really, however, they just vote for whatever the ‘President’ wants them to vote for.

I however, live here on Mars. My people know the truth. We know that the people of Earth have been brainwashed and we will come to help them against the tyranny of that awful man. Our media is one that tries its best to be unbiased and to just report the truth. I understand that sometimes biased things are said, but that’s because we are humans. Anyway, our President is actually a president and not someone who can do as he pleases. Our Senate is picked by the people of Mars and as such, they do the will of the people. I have heard talk that some of the people here on Mars want to liberate the Earthlings from their tyrannical ruler. I think I’ll join them. They’re in a bar from what I’ve heard.

Walking into the bar where the guys that talked about trying to start a revolution on Earth were. I noticed that the place was kind of run down and smelled of mildew. A few small insects scurried around on the floor. I was a bit unnerved, but I expected to see worse when I got to Earth. I walked over to the group of men who were dressed in tuxedo’s. They turned to me and one asked, “Who are you?”

I looked at him, smiled, and said, “I heard that you gentleman want to help Earth and I want to join you?”

“How did you find out about us?” another guy asked.

“I know a guy, who knows things.”

“What’s this guys name.”

“He goes by Jack.”

The group of guys looked at each other and smiled, “Alright you can join us if you’d like.”

I didn’t like how they smiled at each other before allowing me to join. It made me feel uncomfortable, but I joined them anyways.

“To catch you up on the details of what we are planning to do when we get to Earth, we simply want you to meet the people of Earth and gain their trust. Start out small and build your way up. We aren’t funded by the Martian government so we can’t have a full-scale war on Earth. But, causing riots might work.”

It was a flawed plan, but one that seemed like it could work on simple-minded people. I believed that these guys’ intuition is greater than my own so I’m going to trust them.

“We’re going to leave in approximately two days.”

The two days came and passed. I had gathered supplies for the long trip to Earth. Eager to help out with a cause that could change an entire planet for the better, I hurried to the spaceport. There I was told what spaceship to take and where to go when I got to Earth. Each person was sent to a separate location on Earth so that with each small riot, a larger revolution was coming to life.

Entering Earth’s atmosphere was really weird, and it made me light-headed. I looked outside and could only feel sympathy for the people who lived on this poor planet. There lives must be awful having to live oppressed by their government. We finally landed, and I expected to see tanks and armed soldiers everywhere. But, when I exited the spaceship, none of that was around. There were guards with tasers, but that was the extent of their weaponry. Walking into the spaceport I saw a lot of people in suits with briefcases. ‘They must be government officials.’ I thought. I stood in line and filled out paperwork before leaving the building. My mission was about to start.

Earth was different from what I was expecting. On the news back on Mars, it seemed like everyone would be in single-file lines and soldiers would be everywhere. What I was seeing was a place that was, for the most part chaotic, but not a bad chaotic. Just a normal chaotic that you normally see in cities. ‘This must be just this area. It has to be a facade, a ruse to make newcomers think everything is fine.’

I decided to travel around the city I was in. The signs say that I am in Dallas. Everywhere I turn people seem to be hurrying to get where they need to go. Remembering that I have a mission to do, I headed to a bar. I found a decent bar in downtown Dallas. It was nicer than what I’m used to seeing. The place was filled with cigarette smoke, like usual, and everyone seemed kind of glum. I walked over to the bartender and asked for the special. He brought it to me, and I started talking to him. I brought up the government and the ‘President’ of Earth and what he thought about them. He said that he didn’t like politics and as far as he could tell, most people didn’t like the President. At least not around in this area.

I thanked him for his time and tipped him. I got up and walked around. I started talking to some older guys in the bar. I asked them similar questions that I had asked the bartender. In an uproar, they started talking about how corrupt the government was and especially how terrible the ‘President’ was. I brought up the idea of starting a revolution. They looked at me and laughed.

“We don’t need to start killing people. We’ll just vote for someone else in a couple of years to be president.” One of the men said.

This made me start thinking that this place wasn’t as bad of as I had thought. Curious if this was the consensus all over the city, I traveled to other bars. For the most part, everyone agreed. Some even revered the ‘President’ as a great human being. My thoughts about the mission started to wane. Maybe I wasn’t cutout for this type of thing. Part of me even wants to move here. It’s kind of nice here. Everyone’s been nice to me, much nicer than they were on Mars. Maybe I will move here permanently and become a citizen of Earth…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since we landed on Earth. I wonder how the other people did on their endeavors to start a revolution. I haven’t seen anything on the news. It feels like a mistake to have tried to start something so drastic. I mean I’ve fallen in love with this planet and it’s people. So I guess this was a failed revolution then… But, we’ll see.


Village in the Snow

Riding on his horse through the forest, long blonde hair flowing in the wind, snow falling all around him. Rothar needed to get back to his village as fast as he could.They needed to know what was headed their way. He knew that if he did, Rothar and Jarl Forgason, the villages chief, would have ample time to react. The villages militia, although small, was more than enough to defeat what was coming after them. Jarl Forgason’s rival, Jarl Worthan, and his army were the ones that were going to try to surprise attack them. Rothar had been out to do some trading with another village when he saw the enemy force mobilizing. He also heard someone say they were about to attack a village, didn’t say which one, but it was pretty obvious which one they were talking about.

Rothar knew that their was a shortcut through the woods. He had used those shortcuts as a kid whenever he needed to get home before the sun went down and the wolves came out. His only worry was that, in his haste, he would make a wrong turn. This did not happen and he came out of the forest to see his village sitting on the banks of the nearby Velthrik River. Rothar rode past the snow-covered wooden houses, and over to the Jarl’s house. He hoped that he would be there, otherwise he knew that he and all the other people in the town would be at the bar. Riding up to Forgason’s home, Rothar had an eerie feeling. Where was everyone? Usually there was at least one person walking around the village, but there wasn’t a single person in sight. Rothar knew that the first thing he needed to do was find the Jarl.

He found the house, walked through the door and… Why was everyone standing around. One girl, turned towards him, tears streaming down her young pale face. The Jarl was laying on his bed. His body lifeless. Rothar turned towards the villagers to see everyone’s faces stricken with grief. He didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but he now knew why Worthran was going to attack.

“Attention everyone! The Jarl live a great life. He was the greatest man I have ever known and he will be missed dearly, but earlier today I saw Jarl Worthran and his men mobilizing for war. I fear that they have probably heard the news of Forgason’s passing, or were the ones that caused it. Nonetheless all men fit to fight, we should get our weapons ready for a great battle.”

The women’s faces that were listening to him changed from grief to panic. They didn’t want more people to die. Nobody wanted that to happen. They just wanted to mourn the Jarl’s death in peace. The men however, were riled up and ready to fight for the Jarl.

“We fight tonight!” a man shouted, and the rest of the men cheered. They all ran back to their homes and grabbed their weapons and armor. Rothar felt like they could stand up to any invader.

Rothar and the men slept out side that night just in case a night raid were to happen. Morning struck and sure enough, Jarl Worthran and some of his men walked up to the warriors.

“We heard about the death of Forgason. I am here to show my condolences.” Jarl Worthran said to the men.

“Is that really why you are here, or is there some other reason you are here.”

“If you’re wondering if I’m going to take this place. You have no need to worry. Jarl Forgason and I may have been rivals, but I am a man of principles. I want to see him have a proper ceremony for his death. He deserves the best Valhalla has to offer since he is only leader to have beaten me on the field of battle.”

“We are to set his body on fire in order to send his soul to Valhalla, if you would like to attend.” Rothar said, “But, I don’t trust you.”

Later in the day, the ceremony was being prepared for Jarl Forgason. A priest to Odin had come to perform the ritual. They sent the Jarl’s body out on a wooden boat and set it on fire. The women wept and the men were trying to keep themselves from attacking Worthran as the burning boat floated down the river. The whole situation was made worse because of on Worthran’s men started to flirt with a village woman. Jarl Worthran saw this and commanded the man to stop what he was doing.

Rothar couldn’t figure out why someone who seemed to hate Forgason would want to pay his respects to him, and also what village was he going to attack?

“Worthran, can I have a word with you in private?” Rothar asked.


The two walked into Rothar’s house.

“Why did you do this? Why would you come to your rivals funeral?”

“He might have been my rival, my enemy, but he was also my brother.”

Shocked to hear this Rothar asked, “Your brother? He never mentioned that he had any relatives.”

“He never mentioned it because we swore to kill one another after mother died. Forgason blamed me for mother’s illness. So that’s why he hated me. Father died in battle shortly after mother and we separated and went to the villages we are, or were, Jarl’s of.”

“One more thing, yesterday I rode by your village while going to do some trading. I heard one of your men say that you were going to invade a village. Was that not this village?”

“We have been at odds with a village in the mountains for some time now. We are planning to go to war soon. That is probably what you had heard the men talking about.”

“Okay, thanks for clearing all of that up for me.”

The two walked out into the village square. Rothar told everyone to calm down and to let Worthran and his men leave in peace. When the men left, the village elected a new leader and Rothar became the new Jarl.

The snow continued to fall on the village making a white blanket over the ground. Everything was peaceful once more.


The sound of the ocean on the beach was calming. Henry knew that the ocean was a terrifying and destructive place, but it was also beautiful.  He had been the captain of a ship. He had seen the hardships of war, and the hardships of seafaring life. Henry had been on his way back to England from the Caribbean when a hurricane struck his ship. They had been thrown off course, and the ship had been badly damaged. So badly damaged that water had started seeping into the ship. If they didn’t get to a port quickly, then their goose was cooked. They knew that there wasn’t anywhere that was close enough for them to port before the ship submerged. However, they hadn’t lost hope. Henry was a charismatic captain and he always kept his men’s spirits high.

“If we give up hope now, then we will never see the lovely lass’ waitin for us at the dock.” Henry said.

The men all cheered. The thought of their loved ones was enough to make any man try to stay alive. No one could figure out how to patch the holes in the ship up until one lad picked up a table and said, “Does anyone have a sword?”. He was handed one, and then started cutting the table. “Does anyone have any glue, or tape, or nails and a hammer?” he asked. Some of the crewman grabbed  boards and ripped them off the ship in order to get some nails. The young lad was given a hammer and the nails from the boards. He was lowered down with some rope by the other sailors. The young lad finished repairing the holes with the parts of the table and the sailors pulled him up. Everyone cheered. The crew now had hope that they could make it to a port.

The next day a silhouette appeared in the distance. It seemed to be a warship, but Henry didn’t know what nationality. As the ship drew closer it was plain to see. They had come into contact with a Spanish ship. Spain was an enemy to the crown, and so they lined up with their cannons targeting the ship. “Fire!” Henry yelled, hoping to sink their ship before they could fire back. Sadly, all of the cannonballs missed. The ship was quick, it was coming in fast. “Reload quickly, and fire again!!!”, but it was too late. The Spanish ship rammed the side of Henry’s ship and Henry, the ship, and his crew were destined for the bottom of the sea.

The next thing Henry knew was that he had washed up on a beach. He sat up and looked around. What he saw was sandy beach and jungle behind him. He must’ve been laying there for sometime because his clothes felt pretty dry. His stomach growls sending a signal to him that he needs to find food quickly. Realizing that because of the water in his shoes, his feet were hurting. He took off his shoes and socks. Henry kept them with him as we walked into the jungle.

“What happened to my crew?” Henry thought to himself. “Am I the only one who made it?”

He quickly shook that thought from his mind, “If I could survive, then so could they.”

As he walked into the jungle looking for a strong stick and vine in order to make a fishing rod, he found out that he was exactly right. The young lad who had fixed the ship was in the jungle.

“Charles you made it to the island as well?” Henry yelled, excited to see another person.

“Captain! I thought you had died. I saw your body on the beach, but I wasn’t sure if you had made it.” Charles replied.

“So, you were just going to leave my body on the beach?”

“I was picking up sticks in order to burn your body. Give it a ceremonial way to go.”

“Well that’s good to here.” Henry said feeling relieved. “Have you seen anyone else from our crew?”

“You’re all that I’ve seen. I fear that the rest died during the crash.” said Charles looking at the ground. “I miss those guys.”

“You and I both. They were family, but first things first. We need to build a shelter and get food.”

“Aye, aye captain.”

The two began to run around gathering supplies. Charles focused on building the shelter while Henry made spears and fishing rods. Henry also knew nature pretty well. He knew what kinds of berries and fruits were good and which ones were bad. For the first day, the berries were all they had to eat. However, the shelter they had built turned out to be fairly sturdy withstanding a storm that came through during their first night. The next day, they woke up at sunrise and began hunting. They noticed that snakes and spiders were in abundance on the island. So they were very careful about where they went. Charles decided that fishing was probably more of his strong suit, since he did a lot of that while on the ship. Henry continued his hunting and caught a few small animals.

The days went on like this. Henry and Charles becoming more and more proficient with their tasks. Repairing and improving the shelter was a constant chore, but they did well. One day, while Charles was fishing, he noticed a silhouette in the distance. It reminded him of the day of the crash. It was heading straight for them. He ran back to tell Henry to get some wood and flint.They got the supplies and ran back to the beach. The boat was starting to turn away from them. Hurriedly, they started a fire in hopes that they might get the ships attention. It worked. The ship turned towards them. Better yet, it was an English ship.

The ship anchored close to the beach. “What happened to you Captain Henry?” said the captain of the English ship. “Did your ship go down, or was it taken control of by the enemy?”

“It was sunk by the damned Spanish!” Henry said.

“How long have you been out here?”

“About three weeks.”

“Lets get you home. You there, boy! Do you have a name?”

“Aye, my name is Charles?”

“Could you tell me what happened?”

“A Spanish ship rammed our ship, and the captain and I were beached by the waters on this island.”

“Well then. Gather up yours and the captains stuff and lets get back on the ship.”

Charles ran and grabbed the food they had gotten for that day and brought it to the ship.

“Set sail for England!” The captain of the ship yelled. Henry never thought he would hear those words ever again. He would finally get to see his wife and daughter again.

“I will never leave them again.” He thought to himself. “Never. Again.”

The Park Letter

“Come to Labor Park at 5:30 p.m. and don’t be late.” The letter said. I found it when I got home from work, it was stuck between the screen door and door frame. I didn’t live in a good neighborhood, so these kinds of things were something that usually terrified me. However, the park was in a safe area and the time wasn’t too late. I decided that since I didn’t have anything else going on, why not.

I am a construction worker, so I just got off work at five o’clock. Whoever it is who sent me this must’ve known that I was building something not far from home and had to have time to make it to the park before five thirty. This is making me curious about who it might be  that put the letter in my door. I don’t even change out of my sweaty and dirty work clothes, I just slam the door and hop in my car to drive to Labor Park.

I pull up to the park and check the time “5:29” I made it, but I have no idea where to meet in Labor Park. All they told me was to be here. Five thirty hits and out of nowhere a loud bang goes off. I duck and fall to the ground thinking I was getting shot at, but I notice that people start running over to me. Wondering if I had been shot, I look at myself to find that I am in fact not bleeding. Well that’s good and all, but why are people surrounding me? Are they here to attack me? Wait a minute. I recognize some of these people. “Happy Birthday!” Everyone shouts. One of the guys in crowd grabs for my hand, pulls me up, and asks, “Seems like we scared you?”.

“You didn’t scare me. I never get scared.” I joked.

“You didn’t piss yourself did ya?”

“I hope not.” We both laughed and he handed me a beer.

Loud music was played and everyone had enjoyed themselves. All was well until the cops showed up. They told us to leave for disturbing the peace. My friend that helped me up talks to the police and tells them its just a birthday party. He couldn’t reason with them and we were forced to go back to his place. The party had dispersed and only a handful of my closest friends remained. We played poker and blackjack for hours. I what was a great birthday! I’m glad I got that letter.

Deep in the Sea

It was cold and dark, the deep sea wasn’t something that seemed habitable. The mysteries of the deep sea were ours to uncover, but we didn’t realize what creatures could ever survive in such a place. As marine biologists, it was our duty to find out what was lurking around in these parts. We had gotten reports from fishermen that something ominous could be spotted from the surface. Knowing that things such as giant squid are known to live down deep in the ocean, we tried to be as careful as possible. Scientists had recently created new deep sea diving gear that is meant to help us last for many hours in the water, and has insulation so that we don’t get too cold.

The submarine that we used to get as far down as possible, was also built with new tech. This new technology is supposed to help the underwater vehicle from being crushed by the weight of the atmosphere around it. My colleagues and I leave the submarine and enter the deep sea. Despite the new technology, it still made it very hard to breathe and the cold water was still very much cold. Our mission to find this creature that fishermen had been talking about was about to commence.

With our head lamps on, we descended into the abyss. This far down into the ocean had a chilling mood, like the only thing here was death. My fellow divers and I had explored the deep ocean before, but nothing quite like this. We were definitely in for a treat.

As we were swimming around, we noticed a little light coming from the distance.  We got back into the submarine and traveled towards the light. The light began to get larger and larger as we got closer to it. We each looked at each other, wondering if we had just found the lost city of Atlantis. We took pictures with the cameras that we had brought with us to record what we have seen. One of the guys thought he could see buildings when the light seemed really close, however it disappeared suddenly.

The light from our submarine got a glimps of a giant eye. We knew exactly what we had found. It was a giant squid. Most likely this is what the fishermen had been seeing. This was definitely something to worry about, especially this deep into the ocean. We turned around and sped away as fast as the submarine could go in the opposite direction. Noticing that the squid wouldn’t be able to keep up, I turned to a colleague and asked if got the coordinates that we were at. He nodded with a very big grin on his face. We knew we had found something amazing. And next time, we won’t be blocked by some squid. Next time we’ll find out what that light was.

Childhood Dream

I woke up today from a very strange dream. In the dream I was running from creatures and I don’t know why. They seemed really cute, but I still seemed incredibly scared of what they might do to me. Eventually, I ran out of land and met with a cliff. I continued to run and jumped off the cliff feeling very confident with what I was doing. I had grabbed a ball from off the belt I was wearing and threw it into the air. A large bird appeared underneath me, so I landed on it. The birds feathers were amazingly soft. It began to fly forwards and upwards.

As we were flying far above the ground. I got a better view of the world that was around me. It was a beautiful world, one that resembled the one I knew from when I was awake. However, this one had animals that I had never seen before. It was amazing to be in the foreign land of these amazing creatures. We finally landed in a grassy field in the middle on nowhere. I looked around to see if I could find any of the weird looking animals running around in these fields. What I found were rather large worms and rats. I found one that looked like a mouse too. When I reached down to touch said mouse I got a shock that I was not expecting to receive. At that moment I realized what my dream was about, and then I woke up. My dream was about Pokemon. Its something that I hadn’t thought of in years, but I just had dream about it.

There’s one more thing that I can’t understand though. I don’t remember my room having a heart monitor or tubes. Is this a hospital? A nurse with pink hair walks into my room and asks me how I’m feeling. I tell her that I’m doing good, and then I pop the question. I ask her where I am at. She tells me that I’m at the hospital and that Chansey will come in and help me if needed. I ask her who Chansey is. She replies that she is the best Pokemon nurse around. It’s true then, I somehow wound up in the Pokemon world. Well, this will be interesting to try to get out of.

Going Underground

“I can hardly breathe!” Thomas whispered loudly, “It’s so musty in here.”

“What do you expect, we’re in a cave for crying out loud.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t expect it to be this musty.”

“Well get used to it, because we’re going to be down here for awhile.”

“Did we get lost or something?”

“We fell down a hole in the ground what do you expect?”

Hi, my name is Franklin and my friend Thomas and I got stuck in a cave. You might be asking yourself, ‘Gee Franklin how did you manage to do that.’ Well if you’d like to know the whole story goes something like this.

Thomas and I were walking home from class. We go to college and we have a night class together. We’re also roommates so it works out that we’d walk home together. It’s actually a relaxing time when we walk home because on nights like tonight, the weather is perfect. Well, as we were walking home we see this crack in the ground.

Thomas turns to me and says, “Franklin, how much do you wanna bet that crack leads somewhere.”

I looked at and smirked, “It’s not going to anywhere, it only exists because it’s so dry this time of year. Thomas then proceeds to walk over to the crack and jumps on it. Now Thomas is a decent sized fellow, but I never would have expected him to fall through the earth like that, and I never thought that the crack would open up big enough to make me fall into it with him.

Well, now we’re here and I have no idea how to get out. We only fell like seven feet onto soft wet ground, so we weren’t harmed, but nobody is around to hear us and we can’t climb out because we aren’t very tall. So we decided to try to find our way out. We use the flashlights we have on our key chains to get around.

“Hey what’s that?” Thomas asks shining his flashlight on the cave wall on something that looks like a ladder.

“I don’t know, but we should check it out.” I say feeling very hopeful.

We run over to the ladder and begin to climb up it and notice that the top has a door. I decide to open it. I climbed out into the middle of some random houses back yard.

“Hey, Thomas we need to get out of here quick. So hurry up and climb up so we can leave.”

“Will do, man.”

He climbs out and we leave, hopping over the houses fence and sprinting as fast as we can back to our apartment. I have never felt so happy to feel to cool breeze of the air or to see the streetlights. We had only been underground for a couple of hours, but it sucked being down there.

“We made it home!” I shouted.

“Shhh! you’ll wake the neighbors” Thomas said with a grin on his face.

Time to get nights rest.