The Second Great Depression


A day that starts off like this one is always a tragic day. Today, the economy collapsed around the world and people are already beginning to act like animals. It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me, how the same people that say that money isn’t everything, are the same people who are acting like it was the only thing that kept them under control all these years.

The economic downturn occurred because a shift in power from the previous powerful countries, to the current not so powerful countries. “Why did this happen?”, you might ask. No-one really knows. The media went dark soon after it occurred about 12 hours ago. People almost immediately went mad when they couldn’t watch their usual fear mongering news outlets.

The response to all of this is getting out of hand and the police have done next to nothing to stop this from happening. The people of this city need to ban together and fight off this new threat that is appearing before them. The people of this city must not succumb to this new enemy just because their friends or neighbors might have. The mob mentality is one of destruction and that cannot be what we are. In all actuality this is going to be hard to get through. But, I believe that our this city can become great again even without the luxuries that we once had.

The coming weeks seem like a nightmarish time to be alive. However, I believe that our country can get out of this slump within that time. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day though. That would be great, because I have an interview for my first real job outside of college. I just hope that that business is still there. Walking through the smoke filled streets with fires seemingly everywhere. I’m starting to feel like my worst fears are becoming true. That the business that I got an interview with is already gone. I need to be more outgoing and more positive that’s what my last boss said anyway.

Well, the world seems like a dark place now. Mainly because it’s night time, but hopefully after getting some sleep, I will feel better and this new world will have calmed down… Hopefully.


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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