A Day in the Life of a Super Hero

Covered in a skin tight suit and wearing a helmet with a guard on it. Boots that made a fashion statement. He looked like a cosplayer about to go off to a convention. That was not the case for Jared. For most of the time, he was a normal college student. He worked part time at a local pizza parlor, and he hung out with his friends. But, when something bad was happening. He would suit up and kick ass. Jared’s super powers were super strength and being faster than a normal human. He didn’t consider himself a superhero, but more like a vigilante. It just felt good to save people in need and beat the shit out of baddies.

On one day in-particular, things were turned upside down. Jared heard a scream and so he came running. What he didn’t expect to see was a girl surrounded by a bunch of large armed men. The girl didn’t seem scared. In fact, she started laughing maniacally.

“We finally got you! After all this time, you finally will get what you deserve!”

What I deserve? All I do is help people and beat up bad people. Why would a little girl want to hurt me? Looking at the bad guys who wore tuxedos with sunglasses. I felt like they might be mafia… Oh-, that would make sense.

I beat up some mafia guys last week and the cops came and took them to jail. They had been attempting to rob a bank when I showed up. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is how they knew who I was since I wasn’t in my suit.

“How did you know who I am?”

“Your helmet doesn’t cover your face. Also, we’ve been watching you night and day since you stopped our men from retrieving the money for us.” said a mafia goon.

Wow, these guys are creepy. They’ve been stalking me for a week? Like, seriously who does that? Also, whose this little girl, I guess I’ll found out after the fight.

“Are you guys ready to get your asses kicked?” I said, being a little too cocky.

“Ergh, die you brat!” The mafia guys aimed their guns at me and started shooting.

I ran towards them dodging the bullets. I jumped at the first guy and kicked him in the face sending him flying backwards. I did a back flip getting behind another mafia guy. Sweeping his feet out from beneath him, I drove my elbow into his stomach while he was still in the air. Two others I ran behind and banged their heads together to knock them out. Finally, the last started panicking so he started shooting randomly. The thought that he might end up shooting the girl forced me to try and hurry up and knock him out. I ran and slid up to him and kicked him in the chin sending him flying up into the air.

Noting that all of the mafia goons were taken care of, I took their guns from them, disassembled them and threw them in a trashbag I found close by. Noticing the girl curled up in a ball , I walked over too her.

“Are you okay?”

“Get away from me!” she yelled at me.

“I’m here to help you. Just give me your hand and-”
“You took my daddy away from me. Now you have to pay.” She screamed.

Realizing that her dad must’ve been one of the guys I had stopped from robbing the bank brought to reality the fact that they had families. But, they were also criminals who needed to pay for their crimes.

“Look, you might not realize it now, but your dad and his friends are not as good of people as you think they are.”

“No you’re not as good as you think you are.” She kicked me in the nuts and ran off.

Man, life can be hard when you are a vigilante.



Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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