Space Cadets

“Doesn’t it look so beautiful from up here?”

“That depends on what you’re talking about?”

“I’m talking about the stars.”

“Yeah, those are gorgeous.”

“So why did you say it depends on what I’m talking about?”

“I was referring to that brown ball over there.”

“Well, I knew that. I mean I don’t think anyone would think that was beautiful.”

“It makes you wonder though. About what it once looked like.”

“Yeah, maybe over time that ball just became brown.”

“Look, you don’t have to mock me, little miss sassy pants.”

“Who calls people ‘little miss sassy pants’ these days.”


“Well your definitely behind on the times.”

“Just a little. But, that was how I was raised.”

“You were raised by old people?”

“Pretty much. My parents were pretty old when they had me.”

“Understandable. People tend to be having kids later these days.”

“So do you think we should check in with mission control?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because,  we haven’t really told our commander where we are yet.”

“Yeah probably be a good idea.”

“Alright. I’ll call him.”

*Dials commander* Hologram appears

“Commander, we made it to the outer sector of Earths orbit.”
“Good work cadets! Try to get as close to that rock as possible, and get some samples.”

“Will do commander! Over and out”

Hologram disappears

“Well you heard the commander, lets get some samples of Earths soil and atmosphere.”

“This isn’t going to be easy. Especially since we left Earth for a reason.”

“Why do you think we were chosen for this task. We are the best cadets there are.”

“As much as I’d like to think that. I feel like that’s more than a little hubris.”

“True… Anyway, I think we should get to work.”

“Ugh, Alright, lets get this over with.”



The Second Great Depression


A day that starts off like this one is always a tragic day. Today, the economy collapsed around the world and people are already beginning to act like animals. It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask me, how the same people that say that money isn’t everything, are the same people who are acting like it was the only thing that kept them under control all these years.

The economic downturn occurred because a shift in power from the previous powerful countries, to the current not so powerful countries. “Why did this happen?”, you might ask. No-one really knows. The media went dark soon after it occurred about 12 hours ago. People almost immediately went mad when they couldn’t watch their usual fear mongering news outlets.

The response to all of this is getting out of hand and the police have done next to nothing to stop this from happening. The people of this city need to ban together and fight off this new threat that is appearing before them. The people of this city must not succumb to this new enemy just because their friends or neighbors might have. The mob mentality is one of destruction and that cannot be what we are. In all actuality this is going to be hard to get through. But, I believe that our this city can become great again even without the luxuries that we once had.

The coming weeks seem like a nightmarish time to be alive. However, I believe that our country can get out of this slump within that time. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day though. That would be great, because I have an interview for my first real job outside of college. I just hope that that business is still there. Walking through the smoke filled streets with fires seemingly everywhere. I’m starting to feel like my worst fears are becoming true. That the business that I got an interview with is already gone. I need to be more outgoing and more positive that’s what my last boss said anyway.

Well, the world seems like a dark place now. Mainly because it’s night time, but hopefully after getting some sleep, I will feel better and this new world will have calmed down… Hopefully.

Date Night


Ouch! Why does my chest hurt. It feels like its on fire or something. Mexican food just is not my friend right now. Those burritos that I made for dinner were pretty good, but that hotsauce I put on them was probably what gave me this heartburn. Where did I put those Tums at? There probably in the bathroom cabinet. Hopefully I didn’t throw them away or move them.

Found them! *gulp*  Aww that’s much better. I can already feel the burning in my heart going away. Wait, what’s this? It’s not just my heartburn that’s going away. Why do I feel so empty inside right now. I had a great night so why do I feel this way! My dinner tasted great and the movie I watched was phenomenal.But. Why didn’t she come over? She told me that she would. All those preparations that I made. The candles that I lit on the table. All just worthless! Why didn’t she tell me before tonight that she had other plans. Yeah, it would’ve hurt, but at least I wouldn’t have prepared for her arrival. Maybe, she just forgot to tell me. Whatever the case. I really shouldn’t dwell on it.

That wine that I had set out was pretty great though. Maybe I’ll find someone who will appreciate me more. For now however, I will enjoy this delicious tub of ice cream and binge watch some Netflix shows. Part of me still hopes that whatever she decided to do was important or that she at least had fun. Nonetheless I don’t need to think about her anymore…. Well maybe just a little.

Tough Decisions

I can’t seem to find the right words to say to you this time. I hope I can figure out what to say before it’s too late. Tomorrow might be the last time I see you . It’s really hard to think that, having lived through so much, you might just leave me on this dusty plane. You don’t have to tell me what your thinking, because I can see it in your eyes. You don’t want me to worry about you, because your strong and you will make it through. But, alas it doesn’t quell the fear of losing you.

The doctor said that if we want to increase your chances of living, that we’d need to try out a procedure that is still being studied. After pondering the thought of losing you and the chance that it might just work, I decided to give it a go.

They told me that they would have to do the procedure tonight, since they didn’t think that you would last throughout the night. I decided to wait in the lobby for you hoping that you would pull through. Knowing that you were strong enough to pull through. After two agonizingly long hours the doctor opened the door to the lobby and looked at me, with tears in his eyes. I knew immediately that something had gone terribly wrong. He walked over to me, gave me a hug and told me that you didn’t make it. Trying to make me feel better he told me that I had made the right decision.

I can’t help but feel guilty for putting you through that surgery. Well, at least you lived a long life and you can finally rest near that tree you loved so much. You remember right? The one you used to run around as a pup? Those were the days. Gosh, I’m gonna miss you buddy. You were the best damn dog anyone could ask for. Rest in piece Old Blue.

A Day in the Life of a Super Hero

Covered in a skin tight suit and wearing a helmet with a guard on it. Boots that made a fashion statement. He looked like a cosplayer about to go off to a convention. That was not the case for Jared. For most of the time, he was a normal college student. He worked part time at a local pizza parlor, and he hung out with his friends. But, when something bad was happening. He would suit up and kick ass. Jared’s super powers were super strength and being faster than a normal human. He didn’t consider himself a superhero, but more like a vigilante. It just felt good to save people in need and beat the shit out of baddies.

On one day in-particular, things were turned upside down. Jared heard a scream and so he came running. What he didn’t expect to see was a girl surrounded by a bunch of large armed men. The girl didn’t seem scared. In fact, she started laughing maniacally.

“We finally got you! After all this time, you finally will get what you deserve!”

What I deserve? All I do is help people and beat up bad people. Why would a little girl want to hurt me? Looking at the bad guys who wore tuxedos with sunglasses. I felt like they might be mafia… Oh-, that would make sense.

I beat up some mafia guys last week and the cops came and took them to jail. They had been attempting to rob a bank when I showed up. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is how they knew who I was since I wasn’t in my suit.

“How did you know who I am?”

“Your helmet doesn’t cover your face. Also, we’ve been watching you night and day since you stopped our men from retrieving the money for us.” said a mafia goon.

Wow, these guys are creepy. They’ve been stalking me for a week? Like, seriously who does that? Also, whose this little girl, I guess I’ll found out after the fight.

“Are you guys ready to get your asses kicked?” I said, being a little too cocky.

“Ergh, die you brat!” The mafia guys aimed their guns at me and started shooting.

I ran towards them dodging the bullets. I jumped at the first guy and kicked him in the face sending him flying backwards. I did a back flip getting behind another mafia guy. Sweeping his feet out from beneath him, I drove my elbow into his stomach while he was still in the air. Two others I ran behind and banged their heads together to knock them out. Finally, the last started panicking so he started shooting randomly. The thought that he might end up shooting the girl forced me to try and hurry up and knock him out. I ran and slid up to him and kicked him in the chin sending him flying up into the air.

Noting that all of the mafia goons were taken care of, I took their guns from them, disassembled them and threw them in a trashbag I found close by. Noticing the girl curled up in a ball , I walked over too her.

“Are you okay?”

“Get away from me!” she yelled at me.

“I’m here to help you. Just give me your hand and-”
“You took my daddy away from me. Now you have to pay.” She screamed.

Realizing that her dad must’ve been one of the guys I had stopped from robbing the bank brought to reality the fact that they had families. But, they were also criminals who needed to pay for their crimes.

“Look, you might not realize it now, but your dad and his friends are not as good of people as you think they are.”

“No you’re not as good as you think you are.” She kicked me in the nuts and ran off.

Man, life can be hard when you are a vigilante.


The Crush

Jaycee walks into the dark room with flashing lights and loud music. She wonders whether or not she should be here. “Wanna drink?” a guy asks.

“I don’t really like to drink. Sorry.”

“Then why are you here.” The guy walks away and Jaycee starts to think very seriously about why she came to this party, but whatever it is has left her mind. As she walked around the house wading through people and trying to deal with the smell of alcohol she finally saw the reason that she had come to the party.He was wearing a plaid shirt and black jeans. His brown hair was mid length and puffed out over his glasses. A red solo cup in his hand, he was the sole reason that Jaycee had even thought about coming to this party. Next to him, to her horror, was a girl that he was talking to and they seemed to enjoy each others company.

“Maybe I should just go.” Jaycee thought to herself. She started to make her way across the room, “Hey Jaycee, I didn’t know you were?” She turned around to see none other than the annoying Nick. “I’ve never seen you at a party before, otherwise I would’ve asked if you wanted to come.”

“I go to parties all the time. I just came here to see if it was gonna be a good party is all.” It was a total lie and she knew it. She just hoped that Nick would buy it.

“Good to know! I’ll invite you to the next party that I throw.”

Wait did he just say that he was throwing this party? He never seemed to talk to anyone in class. Jaycee was shocked but, at least he bought it and didn’t think that this was her first ever party. Even though it definitely was. She continued to walk towards the door to exit the party, but couldn’t shake the feeling that she at least needed to say hi to her crush. Courage brewing within her, she turns around and begins to go back to where she saw him. As she draws near to her destination she notices that he is no longer there. Where did he go? She begins to panic with the thought of him and that girl she saw him with girl doing something together.

She calms herself down in order to continue her search for ‘Him’. As the search continues, it appears to her that he might’ve left the party already. Not sure what to do, Jaycee starts panicking again. All the people around her are having a good time, drinking, dancing, and talking. “Hey, what are you doing here?” Its something she’s been hearing a lot tonight and its kind of getting annoying.

“I’m here to have a good time.” She turns around with the fake smile that she’s been wearing all night. “Oh, h-hey Erick how’s it going?” It turns out that Erick is her crush and that girl he was talking to earlier isn’t with him… Good.

“I’m having a great time! Are you, because you seem kind of stressed out.” Oh no, he saw through me.

“No I’m- I’m fine.”

“Alright, just making sure.”

“So… Are you here alone?” Jaycee asked.

“No, I’m came with a group of people. I think that we’re going to stay for awhile, but Carly really wants to leave.”

“Who’s Carly?” Jaycee asked very nervously. The last thing she wanted to hear was that it was his girlfriend or something.

“Carly’s a friend, well more like an acquaintance because I don’t really know her very well. I don’t know. She keeps trying to take her back to her place, but I don’t really wanna leave. I’m having too much fun.” said Erick.

“It’s good that you stayed. I mean you should do what you want to do and not something that someone tries to make you do.”

“Yeah, you’re right and I’m glad I stayed.”

“So- do you wanna dance or something?”

“Yeah, sure!”

The two start dancing when Carly scoots by some people and walks up to Erick.

“Hey, Erick… Who’s this?”
“This is my friend Jaycee. Jaycee this is Carly.”

The two glare at each other.

“Well Erick I think you should come and see what’s going on over here.” Carly says still glaring at Jaycee.

“Actually, I think I’ll stay right here. Besides I thought you wanted to leave.”

Carly storms away while Jaycee’s heart races. Did he just say that he would rather be with me than her? The two talk for a little while longer.

“Well, I’m getting kind of tired. Can I get your number before I head home?”

“Yeah, sure it’s XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

“Cool, thanks! Well see yeah.”

Success! Jaycee just got to spend time with her crush. Good thing she didn’t leave the party earlier. Wow, not many people are still at the party. Jaycee and Erick must’ve been talking for a long time. She decides to leave. Her phone rings. It’s a text from a random number. “Hey it was nice talking to you. We should hangout sometime.”

Her heart jumped. She replied. “Totally! When’s a good time for you.”

Tonight could not have gone any better.


Wisdom Teeth

With the wind blowing across the plains and the grass as green as I had ever seen it, I wondered whether or not the pain in my mouth could go away. Yesterday, I got my wisdom pulled and cut out of my mouth in hopes that I could save myself from future pain. Hopefully it helps as much as I think it will because right now I sure am in some awful pain. Other then the pain the day is pretty nice, the sun is shining with the smell of fresh air being breathed into my nose. All in all it’s been a swell day.

What I can’t get away from is the constant gnats flying around me, pestering me. Do they think I’m dead or something because of my stinky breath and rotting mouth flesh. Hopefully that’s not the case, however it seems like a plausible conclusion. At this point I feel like an undead corpse walking and lying around. I start to wonder where my parents are because I’ve started to become more and more reliant on their care. It’s kind of weird since I don’t live with them anymore, I’m just staying with them for a couple of days until I’ve completely recovered.

Wondering where my parents are at, I walked into the house in search of them, but to no avail. I walk out to the front yard and notice that their car is gone, so its safe to assume that they just went into town to grab something and that they’ll be right back. Suddenly, as I look up I noticed that there was something flying towards my house. Was it a bird? A plane? No it was a human coming out of nowhere. He landed in front of me and told me that I should go inside because a fierce battle was to ensue in my front yard.

When I walked inside everything changed, it was as if I had walked into another dimension. The furniture was way more lavish and arranged differently from what I was used too. Boom! I here an explosion and look out the nearest window I could find to see the previously flying man fighting with some alien looking creature. The fighting was intense, so much that I hoped that it wouldn’t scar up the front yard so that I wouldn’t be in very much trouble. But, the explosion that I had heard had inevitably scarred up the front yard. I ran outside into the fighting and yelled “Get out of here!” The two looked at me and left. I felt strong and courageous for doing that, but wasn’t sure what to do about the scarred up land so I just went back inside.

Later, as I was laying on the couch I here a car door shut. Soon after the front door opened up I felt panicked and everything went black. “Hey Calvin, are you okay?” I woke up on the couch. “Yeah I’m fine.” Was it all just a dream?

I looked around to notice that everything had gone back to normal. I ran over to the window and looked out to see that the front yard was still fine and no explosion scarred earth was there. A sigh of relief escaped me. “Awesome! It was just a dream… What a strange dream.”