“It sure is pretty today isn’t it?”

“How? We’re at work. It’s never a pretty day when we’re working.”

“I mean if you just step back and look up at the sky, it’s definitely awe inspiring. And that makes it a pretty day.”

“Okay first of all, what do you mean by sky, because I just see stars and comets and planets in the distance.”

“Well yeah, that’s what I mean by sky. It’s pretty amazing right?”

“I guess it would be if we weren’t on an asteroid. And mining said asteroid.”

“Look Carl, you just need to think of something other than work and then you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

“The fact that we live in a work community makes that a little hard to do, okay. And for your information, my names Steve. Not Carl. Steve.”

“Are you sure your names not Carl? I’m pretty sure it’s Carl.”

“Nope, it’s Steve.”

A man with a hardhat and a tablet in hand comes out

“Carl, Steve! Get the fuck back to work! I’m not paying you to just sit around and talk.”

“Oh, yeah, my names Carl.”

“How stupid are you?”

“Stupid enough to be mining an asteroid in the middle of space with you.”