The Beautiful Unknown

Lush, tall trees with pine needles and pine cones lying on the shadowy forest floor. Daren walked across it all barefoot. It wasn’t that he couldn’t feel the pine needles sticking to his large feet, but more that he didn’t care. The day was beautiful with the temperature degree was not too cold and not too hot. ‘If only Sarah were here to enjoy this with me.’, he thought. He stopped and looked up to treetops and he started to remember when he was younger and he and Sarah would race to the tops of the trees. That was until one day he fell out of the tree and broke his arm. Daren’s parents scolded him and he was not allowed to climb trees for awhile.

When Daren grew older, he and Sarah decided to go on adventures and hike like they did when they were kids. They hiked through the woods, camped out in the mountains, and even tried camping in the desert. That didn’t go very well for them. Sandstorms forced them to leave. Daren and Sarah lived very happy lives, that was until one day, Sarah fell down randomly. She and Daren laughed about it, but when she tried to get up, she realized that she couldn’t. Daren took her to the doctor but they didn’t know what was wrong. They told him not to worry about it and Sarah assured him that she would be okay. They kept her at the hospital where Daren stayed by her side. Sarah could see he was worried and hated to see his eyes with so much sadness. She told him to leave.

Daren snapped back to reality just in time to see two rabbits hop up to each other, stop for a minute or two starring at each other, and then hopping away together. ‘There going to make little rabbit babies.’ Daren chuckled to himself and then flinched expecting Sarah to hit him. That brought back memories. He walked further into the forest trying to calm himself. The sound of trickling water began to appear before Daren. ‘I don’t remember there being a creek around here.’ he said to himself. Quickly he began to search for where the sound was coming from. He couldn’t seem to find it. It was small and it seemed to him to be something of fiction. Was he going crazy from all the worrying he had done over Sarah? He couldn’t tell, all he knew was that the sound was getting louder. The sun was beginning to set, so he had to hurry and find the creek before it did or he may never find it again. He calmed himself and then looked around for a small change in landscape. ‘I think I’ve found it.’ He said to himself feeling ecstatic about his possible new finding. He walked a little closer to a random rock and looked closely at in order to notice the little waterfall that was created by the water coming out from below the rock and falling onto the earth a few centimeters below it.

Feeling accomplished with his day, Daren walked back to car and headed home. The thought of Sarah encompassed his mind on his drive home. He was wondering if she was okay. Driving home had never been so hard. Entering the garage to his house was a tough task for a nervous man, but he did it successfully. After passing through the door at his home, he immediately walked over to his telephone. It showed one new voicemail. Gulping aloud, Daren hesitantly pushed the button to listen to the voicemail. ‘Hello Daren Screhl, we have found what illness your wife has and we will begin treatment immediately. Hope to hear from you soon.’ Excited, Daren jumped into his car and sped off to the hospital to see Sarah, his beautiful wife and childhood friend.



“The contrast between the earth and the sky is so close because they are both home to living organisms. I often wonder what it would be like to live in such an unrestricted space.”

“What are you talking about? The sky isn’t unrestricted, it still has gravity keeping organisms that live their on planet Earth.”

“Dude, how did you forget that we are no longer on Earth? We’re on Mars. Look around you, nothing but city and red dirt.”

“Sorry, I get confused since we are living in a bio-dome that is supposed to replicate Earth’s atmosphere. It just feels like I’m back home… It’s kinda nice.”

“Get used to it, you’re never going back there! None of us are. We’re all stuck here on this stupid ro-”

“-Look I was just trying to let out some emotions, okay. You don’t have to be such a jackass about it.Did you forget your meds again?”

“Yeah, sorry. I miss living there just as much as you do and it gets to me ya know. I’ll never get to see my family again. Sometimes though, I feel like I’m better off here. It’s a little more reclusive and that’s more my style.”

“The only problem is that you live here with me and ten thousand other people in a tiny dome. That’s not very reclusive if you ask me.”

“Well I didn’t ask you so shut up.”

“Seriously, you need to start remembering to take your meds. It’s like when your hungry, you’re always angrier.”

“This isn’t because I forgot my meds, it’s because your stupidity makes me angry. Anyway my meds have to be imported from Seattle. From Seattle, Washington to New London, Mars takes about six Earth months ever since they built that new cargo ship. It’s pretty nice that they built that ship. It makes living here easier.”

“It sucks that we have to rely so heavily on Earth’s supplies though. I wish we could be more self sustaining.”

-honk, honk, honk!!!!

“Well I guess we should get back to work then.”

“Yeah, I guess. Work as a cop doing crossing guard duties is dumb. But, I suppose people have to be able to cross the street safely. Even if it is on Mars”