Gunfight at the Bridgecreek Saloon

The galloping of horses through me off from what I was supposed to be doing. As I turned my attention back to what I was originally doing, I felt a beam of light whiz past me right ear. It felt so warm and I knew that this was trouble. My legs began to buckle and my lungs felt like they tightened. i fell to my knees wondering, “Is this it?”

Hours before, I had entered this little town called Bridgecreek. It was a nice little town in the middle of nowhere, so I decided to enter the saloon to get a drink. I asked the bartender for a cold one and he sent it down my way. Everything was fine, until they showed up. The Percy gang was notorious in many parts of the Back Country for being a rowdy group of hooligans that preyed on small towns like this.

The one that I guess was there leader pulled out his gun and fired it into the ceiling. “Who’s ready for a little fun!?” he yelled in his hick accent. His lackey’s laughing the whole time.

I stood up, like many of the other guys in the bar, and said, “Leave, before things get messy!”

“I like when things get messy!” the gang leader said with a evil grin. He pulled out his gun and shot at me but missed.

I kicked over a table and hid behind it while shooting back, as did many of the other guys in the bar. The gang members were getting picked off one by one. Eventually the last of their group rallied and left. We started to cheer and celebrate our winning with free beer and dancing.

I left feeling great, although I had just killed a few people that could’ve had lives if they hadn’t chosen the path that they took. Anyway, the gunfight had apparently attracted a nearby military convoy and they came over as fast as they could. I was so drunk that they thought that I had been the one being the bad guy.

The lieutenant in the squad yelled at me, “Put your hands in the air or we will shoot you where you stand.”

I was too drunk to even understand what they were saying, I continued to stumble and each way and I guess they saw my hand come close to my gun because they all raised their guns and took aim. I was still wondering what this galloping of horses was

“I warned you!” The lieutenant yelled and then shot his gun, the first bullet passed my face, nicking my cheek, and I saw a stream of light along with the bullet. He fired again and this time it hit me directly in the stomach. I fell to my knees and that is where I laid, bleeding… Until a nearby doctor saw what had happened and took me into his office. He doctored me up pretty good. I’m better now.

Now I want revenge!


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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