To My Surprise (Part 2)

I arrived at Fort Reynolds to be debriefed on how I would start my training. Standing in front of me as I got off the helicraft, was the head general of the military and the president of Mexxar. Laurence Higgins, the president of Mexxar, was a tall, middle aged man who I could imagine handing me the Medal of Honor. He was your typical president, well spoken, but really hadn’t done much for the planet… Until now that is. On the other hand, the head general was a man that I had seen quite a lot before. He was much younger than I would’ve expected a general of his stature to be. He was about six feet tall and was very fit.

“Mr. Flassinger, it is nice to meet you. I realize that the world around you seems to be spinning out of your control. Which it has, at least until you claim it as your own again. You can do this by helping us defeat Earth and her malicious armies.” President Higgins said. “The people of this planet are looking for someone to lead them to a greater tomorrow. Can you be the one to lead them?”
“Aren’t you the president who is the leader of the planet?” I turned to the general. “And aren’t you the leader of our armies? So why are you asking me to lead this planet against Earth?”
The general who’s name was Jason Thermon, stared me straight in the eyes. ” We need someone young like you to get the masses to back us on what we are about to involve them in.”
“What do you mean ‘involve them in’.”
“I mean that this war is going to be devastating. War always is and if we don’t have the people fighting for us, then we will inevitably lose to the might of Earth’s empire.”
“So you want me to basically be a mascot for you guys? Well first I need to tell my parents about this, and second I’m not afraid of some bully empire that likes to threaten smaller powers with its might.” I have always been pretty good at acting brave.
Thermon smiled. “Well that’s good that you feel that way, and we have already contacted your parents. However, they don’t know what you are actually doing. No one can know what you are going to be doing.”

“Why’s that?” I asked hoping that what I was thinking they meant was wrong.

“Because if people knew, then your life and everyone that you love would be in grave danger.”

I was right. I gulped loudly, “So why didn’t you just keep it a secret from me? You could have used me like a pawn and I would have been none the wiser.”

President Higgins spoke up, “Because, we need to have everyone here fully debriefed on everything that is going right now. That is, so we all can trust each other wholly later.”

“Okay, so when do I start training?”, I ask impatiently.

“Just as soon as you get done filling out this paperwork.” General Thermon sits me down at a desk and gives me a stack of papers and says. “Fill these out, and follow the exact order that the instructions gives you.” I felt like was back at school, but now I had so many more responsibilities bearing on my shoulders.

After I finished with the paperwork, I was taken to what looked like a dorm and was told that I would have a room to myself. They gave me the key and told me to be ready and at the firing range by O five-hundred hours. My dorm room was so amazing, it had a forty-eight inch plasma screen tv, its own bathroom, super comfy beds, and everything else that would make me feel at home.

Well, except for my parents not being there. Maybe I was to hasty in taking this mission. Maybe, I won’t succeed. Man, I really miss my parents. Oh, well I should get some sleep…


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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