New “Driver”

Finally! I passed my drivers test. It took me three tries which might sound like a lot although it’s really not. Well that and that it was for my space ship license.  The only reason that I didn’t pass my first two times was because when I would reenter the atmosphere, I would reenter a little too shaky and things would get flung everywhere. My spaceship is a Boeing Spark. In the past, Boeing was an airplane company. Now it and many other companies switched from airplane only to spaceship making. Anyway, my spaceship is very economically efficient since I get 25,000 miles to the gallon. However i can only get up to 200,000 miles per hour maximum.

Well now that I have my license, I am going to a friends house on Mars, It’s not that far of a distance from Deimos since its a Martian moon. It’s a start to driving on my own which is why I’m making this venture. While entering the atmosphere of Mars, I start to notice that because I had taken my spaceship test on Earth, the thicker atmosphere had caused me to shake when entering. However, because of Mars’ thinner atmosphere, I didn’t shake when entering the atmosphere. As it turns out am having a very easy time getting to the planet of Mars. Landing however is going to be tricky.

The reason for this is that when humans colonized Mars around 200 years ago, they built biomes with which they could breathe and farm and create civilization. Thousands of these dot the martian landscape from space. The things are massive when you start getting close to them. I mean they have to be to allow for farming and house thousands of people. I have to park my Spark outside the biome in a parking lot like area where hundreds of others are parked as well. Entering the massive structure is something you don’t really expect when viewing it from the outside. Everywhere you look, there are people wondering the streets and outdoor vendors trying to sell you their products. Two and sometimes three story houses line the streets. I walked up to the one my friend lived in and we hung out for a couple of Martian hours. But, when I was about to leave, an alarm went off alerting everyone that a dust storm was approaching us. At this moment I think I’m just gonna go to the nearby coffee shop and wait out the storm. The storm sounded like an earth train blasting around the massive structure. The coffee was surprisingly good and I really enjoyed my stay. Leaving, the dirt still lingered in the Martian air which is going to make this harder to get back home than i had originally planned. The dirt in the air is really not a big problem, but it was an unforeseen obstacle. The reason is because I hadn’t seen the dust storm on the news. Now I’m just going to have to make some adjustments.

Exiting is turning out to be much easier than I thought. Nothing is going wrong, and all I have to do is make it to my house on Deimos. My house is inside an almost glass-like structure that contains oxygen. unlike the biomes on Mars, its only for one house and some farmland. I get back to my house and this time I have to deploy the landing gear. Everything is going better than expected, I can’t believe it. I put the key in the keyhole and look back at my spaceship one last time to see it rolling… I had forgot to put the brake on. I stop it, luckily before it left the moon. I walk back over to the door to my glass-like biome, put my key in the door, and then enter. I am finally home from a pretty much successful day of driving.


The Decay

The gray misty skies seem like the norm ever since The Decay began. That’s what my teachers at school call it anyway. My parents actually died during the event, however I survived because I was rescued by the dean of the boarding school that I attend. This decay was not of the Earth, it was however a decay of the human civilization. Mother Nature had begun reclaiming her domain from us.

I live in the city of Ectopolis at the Sampson’s School for boys. It was created to help children such as myself be able to survive in this anti-human world. The weapons that we had previously used to kill each other, are almost useless when combating plants.

I know that you’re probably thinking about napalm and flamethrowers and pesticides. Well these plants have evolved to so that pesticides no longer work on them. However, fire still does work even though they usually put them out with fluids they secrete, or use the flames against us by swinging around and dropping flaming leaves on us.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that our city is surrounded by a wall and the ground is covered in cement. Trees and grass are a thing of the passed for us, although we grow genetically altered vegetables just like we’ve been doing for centuries. No ones sure what caused the new anti-human plants to exist. All we know is that when the asteroid hit, the Decay started.
Legends say that the asteroid is like a castle surrounded by the largest and most powerful plants in the world. These plants have tainted the plants around the world and caused them attack humans and destroy all of our creations.

The dean told me that my parents died a noble death, protecting me from the plants that surrounded us. When he showed up, he told me that the plants were salivating on my bald white head as I cried. I was still an infant at this time and the dean was most likely using a weapon similar to what we’ve been training with. These weapons are plasma rifles that burn through anything and burn the green earth.

The reason that we use plasma rifles to destroy the plants has to do with the fact that they can’t deal with the super heated blasts and today we are going to test out the plasma cannon. This is going to be so much fun. This cannon is going to be used to decimate large areas of tainted plant growth. We are going to shoot it off of Kento Peak, which is the tallest peak in our region. If it works out, then we are going to try out building a plasma missile to destroy even more plants at a single time.

….IT WORKED!!!! The plants were completely eradicated from the face of our planet! Time will only tell when we finally reclaim this planet as ours! Our next mission is to create a missile to destroy the asteroid with…

…. What’s this?! Where did all these plants come from!? They’ve destroyed the cannon! How can this be!? It’s time for a tactical retreat, the dean says. I guess things aren’t always as easy as they seem. Just remember, you damn plants! WE WILL TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS!

A mysterious voice echoed through my head saying that this is their planet and it always has been. They are just reclaiming it from us.

Are we the invaders? I don’t care at this point, they killed my parents and I cannot forgive them for that. I will fight them as long as I can, and I will never surrender!

Gunfight at the Bridgecreek Saloon

The galloping of horses through me off from what I was supposed to be doing. As I turned my attention back to what I was originally doing, I felt a beam of light whiz past me right ear. It felt so warm and I knew that this was trouble. My legs began to buckle and my lungs felt like they tightened. i fell to my knees wondering, “Is this it?”

Hours before, I had entered this little town called Bridgecreek. It was a nice little town in the middle of nowhere, so I decided to enter the saloon to get a drink. I asked the bartender for a cold one and he sent it down my way. Everything was fine, until they showed up. The Percy gang was notorious in many parts of the Back Country for being a rowdy group of hooligans that preyed on small towns like this.

The one that I guess was there leader pulled out his gun and fired it into the ceiling. “Who’s ready for a little fun!?” he yelled in his hick accent. His lackey’s laughing the whole time.

I stood up, like many of the other guys in the bar, and said, “Leave, before things get messy!”

“I like when things get messy!” the gang leader said with a evil grin. He pulled out his gun and shot at me but missed.

I kicked over a table and hid behind it while shooting back, as did many of the other guys in the bar. The gang members were getting picked off one by one. Eventually the last of their group rallied and left. We started to cheer and celebrate our winning with free beer and dancing.

I left feeling great, although I had just killed a few people that could’ve had lives if they hadn’t chosen the path that they took. Anyway, the gunfight had apparently attracted a nearby military convoy and they came over as fast as they could. I was so drunk that they thought that I had been the one being the bad guy.

The lieutenant in the squad yelled at me, “Put your hands in the air or we will shoot you where you stand.”

I was too drunk to even understand what they were saying, I continued to stumble and each way and I guess they saw my hand come close to my gun because they all raised their guns and took aim. I was still wondering what this galloping of horses was

“I warned you!” The lieutenant yelled and then shot his gun, the first bullet passed my face, nicking my cheek, and I saw a stream of light along with the bullet. He fired again and this time it hit me directly in the stomach. I fell to my knees and that is where I laid, bleeding… Until a nearby doctor saw what had happened and took me into his office. He doctored me up pretty good. I’m better now.

Now I want revenge!

To My Surprise (Part 2)

I arrived at Fort Reynolds to be debriefed on how I would start my training. Standing in front of me as I got off the helicraft, was the head general of the military and the president of Mexxar. Laurence Higgins, the president of Mexxar, was a tall, middle aged man who I could imagine handing me the Medal of Honor. He was your typical president, well spoken, but really hadn’t done much for the planet… Until now that is. On the other hand, the head general was a man that I had seen quite a lot before. He was much younger than I would’ve expected a general of his stature to be. He was about six feet tall and was very fit.

“Mr. Flassinger, it is nice to meet you. I realize that the world around you seems to be spinning out of your control. Which it has, at least until you claim it as your own again. You can do this by helping us defeat Earth and her malicious armies.” President Higgins said. “The people of this planet are looking for someone to lead them to a greater tomorrow. Can you be the one to lead them?”
“Aren’t you the president who is the leader of the planet?” I turned to the general. “And aren’t you the leader of our armies? So why are you asking me to lead this planet against Earth?”
The general who’s name was Jason Thermon, stared me straight in the eyes. ” We need someone young like you to get the masses to back us on what we are about to involve them in.”
“What do you mean ‘involve them in’.”
“I mean that this war is going to be devastating. War always is and if we don’t have the people fighting for us, then we will inevitably lose to the might of Earth’s empire.”
“So you want me to basically be a mascot for you guys? Well first I need to tell my parents about this, and second I’m not afraid of some bully empire that likes to threaten smaller powers with its might.” I have always been pretty good at acting brave.
Thermon smiled. “Well that’s good that you feel that way, and we have already contacted your parents. However, they don’t know what you are actually doing. No one can know what you are going to be doing.”

“Why’s that?” I asked hoping that what I was thinking they meant was wrong.

“Because if people knew, then your life and everyone that you love would be in grave danger.”

I was right. I gulped loudly, “So why didn’t you just keep it a secret from me? You could have used me like a pawn and I would have been none the wiser.”

President Higgins spoke up, “Because, we need to have everyone here fully debriefed on everything that is going right now. That is, so we all can trust each other wholly later.”

“Okay, so when do I start training?”, I ask impatiently.

“Just as soon as you get done filling out this paperwork.” General Thermon sits me down at a desk and gives me a stack of papers and says. “Fill these out, and follow the exact order that the instructions gives you.” I felt like was back at school, but now I had so many more responsibilities bearing on my shoulders.

After I finished with the paperwork, I was taken to what looked like a dorm and was told that I would have a room to myself. They gave me the key and told me to be ready and at the firing range by O five-hundred hours. My dorm room was so amazing, it had a forty-eight inch plasma screen tv, its own bathroom, super comfy beds, and everything else that would make me feel at home.

Well, except for my parents not being there. Maybe I was to hasty in taking this mission. Maybe, I won’t succeed. Man, I really miss my parents. Oh, well I should get some sleep…