To My Surprise

‘Insatiable thirst’ is all I could think about, while I was walking home from school. Those two words stayed with me for awhile and I didn’t know why. Had I, in a past life or something like that, die from dehydration? Or is this like some vision that I will die of dehydration in the future? It’s probably nothing more than something that I thought was interesting.

My name is Gerald Flassinger, and I’m a Sophomore in high school. Everyone around me seems to think that I’m smart because of how I look, but my friends know that I’m not as smart as others think I am. I am very nerdy, however, and I collect comic books and play video games when I’m not with friends.

Anyways, let’s start the story. When I finally reached my home, I found a note laying on my front porch. Almost immediately, my thoughts about insatiable thirst disappeared because the note took me by so much surprise. The note said, “Hello! You (the reader) have been chosen for an adventure. Just meet me at Springers park at 5:30 Tuesday night.” I realized tonight was Tuesday night and an adventure would definitely take me away from my current mundane life. I flipped the note over to see if it was addressed to my parents or someone else, but it had no name on it.

After several minutes of deliberation, I decided I would go to see what was up with the note and if it was true or not. 5:30 came and went and I was left walking around Springers park for minutes before realizing that it might actually be a prank or something. Suddenly a beam of light comes down around me and I get pulled up. Thinking that I must’ve just been abducted by aliens, instead, the government ended up picking me up and told me that by following their instructions, I will be training for interplanetary warfare.

I guess that we are going to war soon and my government is preparing for war…. with “Earth”.

My planet, Mexxar is not usually considered a military power. However, we are considered an economic power and we tend to resist Earth’s imperial grasp with much luck. Earth has decided that because their shrewdness and deceptiveness have not worked on us to bend to their ways. They have decided to attack us, and I am to help with the defense of Mexxar. I am only a Sophomore in high school and my government has chosen me to be a commander in the defense of Mexxar.