Unwanted Guest

What is the place you prefer the most? Most would say something along the lines of a beach, or the mountains, or by a waterfall. My preference is sitting in front of a computer in the comfort of my room in my apartment. If anything, I would wish that my life could stay like that for an eternity. This is how my life is usually going.

However, that wish doesn’t seem to want to come true. Things have been getting pretty weird lately and I don’t know if it’s the start of the apocalypse, or if some alien species is trying to contact me. A really weird thing that has happened is that this green creature came down from the sky and decided that I am the war hero of their legends. He showed me a stone with a hieroglyph on it that he said looked like me. I didn’t see it, but whatever.

He took me to a tree and said that I could use it to get to the mother-ship. I decided, what-the-hell, lets go for it. The green creature pushed on the bark of the tree and a door opened, I stepped into it on his direction. The tree opened up and the rocket that was somehow inside it, that I was in, shot out towards space.

When I reached the mother-ship, the aliens were ecstatic at the sight of me. I was now afraid that they were going to try to probe me like the old alien stories would say. They didn’t, instead they treated me like a king and gave me all sorts of foods and drinks that were quite amazing in flavor. Eventually they explained to me that they wanted me to join them in their war with the dark ones.

The dark ones, they told me, are a race of creatures that have black scales and walk upright with sharp fangs, as well as long talon-like nails on their hands. They wish to enslave all races and I am needed in order to destroy them. I didn’t like the sound of destroying a race of creatures, but if it’s for the good of all people, then I’ll go for it. I was sent to the front lines of the battle with the standard armor and weapons of the green people known as, Grollors.

After years and years of fighting, the Grollors and I defeated the dark ones. What I didn’t realize until the end, was that they weren’t as bad as I had originally thought they were. In fact, the whole time they were just trying to perpetuate the existence of their race by conquering more land. I just defeated a race just like the humans… But, could they have been the human race? All I know is that I’m being treated like royalty. I do miss my family and friends, maybe they’ll let me see them now that the war is over.


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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