Naz’ Ghal and the Basket Child

Trudging through the brush with his large, tired, and bruised bare feet. Naz’ Ghal, who was an orc that hunted for his survival, lived in the wilderness and was secluded from his fellow warlike brethren. He was seen as an outcast and his only friends were his bow, arrows, and knife. His daily routine consisted of reading out of his holy book that was called “Corcose” for the god that Naz’ Ghal worships’ name is Corcose.

Corcose is an orc god that is nature based. He uses the same weapons as Naz’ Ghal to hunt and to defend nature from its enemies. Not surprisingly, Corcose is not the orcs most popular god in the pantheon. However, those that worship him are usually more mentally powerful than their peers due to the amount of reading and devotion that they do.They are also very skillful with a bow which the other orcs find as cowardly.

Naz’ Ghal found a human baby in a basket laying on the ground. Somehow, the baby had not been killed by any nearby animals. Not sure what to do with the child, Naz’ Ghal decided to take it home with him. Not long after having the baby in his home, a war broke out between orcs and humans. When Naz’ Ghal was found with this child in his home because he was to be drafted, he was ordered to kill it. Having been attached to the baby for sometime now he couldn’t kill the little child, so the other orcs decided to take a swing at it. Out of nowhere the childs eyes turned red and a tattoo of a orcish symbol appeared on his forehead.

The symbol was of Naz’ Ghal’s god, Corcose. The war between the humans and the orcs had been destroying the forests and killed thousands of wild animals. This little baby, as it turns out, was Corsose incarnate and had appeared before Naz’ Ghal because he was more likely to take the baby in. His love and nurturing had made Corcose strong.

Corcose became a man right before everyone’s eyes. “Thanks for your love and compassion.” he said to Naz’ Ghal, who still couldn’t believe what just happened, “I must now go and save the natural world from utter destruction.” And with that Corcose ran to the battlefield. The warriors that had come to bring Naz’ Ghal to the war had now decided against the gesture and left.

Upon his arrival to the battlefield, Corcose unleashed his wrath upon both parties of the war. He called down powerful storms and caused strong earthquakes. The trees even seemed to come alive in order to stop the fighting of some of the more intense battles. Appearing on all fronts at once, Corcose forced the two races to stop fighting. He then told them what the repercussions would be if they ever did this to his nature again, and it wouldn’t be pretty.


Author: themesretro

Hi, what's up name is Tryep/ Themesretro. I write stories that are possibly mythical, but you'll never know. Hope you enjoy your stay!

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