Unwanted Guest

What is the place you prefer the most? Most would say something along the lines of a beach, or the mountains, or by a waterfall. My preference is sitting in front of a computer in the comfort of my room in my apartment. If anything, I would wish that my life could stay like that for an eternity. This is how my life is usually going.

However, that wish doesn’t seem to want to come true. Things have been getting pretty weird lately and I don’t know if it’s the start of the apocalypse, or if some alien species is trying to contact me. A really weird thing that has happened is that this green creature came down from the sky and decided that I am the war hero of their legends. He showed me a stone with a hieroglyph on it that he said looked like me. I didn’t see it, but whatever.

He took me to a tree and said that I could use it to get to the mother-ship. I decided, what-the-hell, lets go for it. The green creature pushed on the bark of the tree and a door opened, I stepped into it on his direction. The tree opened up and the rocket that was somehow inside it, that I was in, shot out towards space.

When I reached the mother-ship, the aliens were ecstatic at the sight of me. I was now afraid that they were going to try to probe me like the old alien stories would say. They didn’t, instead they treated me like a king and gave me all sorts of foods and drinks that were quite amazing in flavor. Eventually they explained to me that they wanted me to join them in their war with the dark ones.

The dark ones, they told me, are a race of creatures that have black scales and walk upright with sharp fangs, as well as long talon-like nails on their hands. They wish to enslave all races and I am needed in order to destroy them. I didn’t like the sound of destroying a race of creatures, but if it’s for the good of all people, then I’ll go for it. I was sent to the front lines of the battle with the standard armor and weapons of the green people known as, Grollors.

After years and years of fighting, the Grollors and I defeated the dark ones. What I didn’t realize until the end, was that they weren’t as bad as I had originally thought they were. In fact, the whole time they were just trying to perpetuate the existence of their race by conquering more land. I just defeated a race just like the humans… But, could they have been the human race? All I know is that I’m being treated like royalty. I do miss my family and friends, maybe they’ll let me see them now that the war is over.


Destructive Nature

The news has been telling me to go underground because a tornado is headed towards me. Panicked by the fact that I don’t live near any sort of underground shelter, I find the safest spot in my apartment which is my bathroom. I lay down in the tub and put a mattress over me so that any sort of debris will hopefully just fall on top of the mattress.

The tornado travels over my apartment building and while it is over me, I can hear what sounds like a train above me. Crashing noises were everywhere and all I could hope for was the peace and calmness that comes after a storm passes. I started to feel weightless but I had had my eyes closed for fear of seeing what was happening.

Suddenly, the sounds stopped and I opened my eyes. The mattress was no longer on top of me. In fact, I wasn’t even in my apartment. I was in a field somewhere in the country. Maybe that was where the weightlessness came from, because the tornado must have carried me over here. But, how did I make it out without any cuts and bruises from the debris that a tornado carries. I don’t know how I survived, but what I do know is that I was carried six miles southwest of my apartment building. That was one crazy storm.

Naz’ Ghal and the Basket Child

Trudging through the brush with his large, tired, and bruised bare feet. Naz’ Ghal, who was an orc that hunted for his survival, lived in the wilderness and was secluded from his fellow warlike brethren. He was seen as an outcast and his only friends were his bow, arrows, and knife. His daily routine consisted of reading out of his holy book that was called “Corcose” for the god that Naz’ Ghal worships’ name is Corcose.

Corcose is an orc god that is nature based. He uses the same weapons as Naz’ Ghal to hunt and to defend nature from its enemies. Not surprisingly, Corcose is not the orcs most popular god in the pantheon. However, those that worship him are usually more mentally powerful than their peers due to the amount of reading and devotion that they do.They are also very skillful with a bow which the other orcs find as cowardly.

Naz’ Ghal found a human baby in a basket laying on the ground. Somehow, the baby had not been killed by any nearby animals. Not sure what to do with the child, Naz’ Ghal decided to take it home with him. Not long after having the baby in his home, a war broke out between orcs and humans. When Naz’ Ghal was found with this child in his home because he was to be drafted, he was ordered to kill it. Having been attached to the baby for sometime now he couldn’t kill the little child, so the other orcs decided to take a swing at it. Out of nowhere the childs eyes turned red and a tattoo of a orcish symbol appeared on his forehead.

The symbol was of Naz’ Ghal’s god, Corcose. The war between the humans and the orcs had been destroying the forests and killed thousands of wild animals. This little baby, as it turns out, was Corsose incarnate and had appeared before Naz’ Ghal because he was more likely to take the baby in. His love and nurturing had made Corcose strong.

Corcose became a man right before everyone’s eyes. “Thanks for your love and compassion.” he said to Naz’ Ghal, who still couldn’t believe what just happened, “I must now go and save the natural world from utter destruction.” And with that Corcose ran to the battlefield. The warriors that had come to bring Naz’ Ghal to the war had now decided against the gesture and left.

Upon his arrival to the battlefield, Corcose unleashed his wrath upon both parties of the war. He called down powerful storms and caused strong earthquakes. The trees even seemed to come alive in order to stop the fighting of some of the more intense battles. Appearing on all fronts at once, Corcose forced the two races to stop fighting. He then told them what the repercussions would be if they ever did this to his nature again, and it wouldn’t be pretty.

Am I in a Video Game?

Sometimes I wonder if my life is just a video game. I get this feeling that I’m being controlled by someone so that my movements are not my own. This feeling occurs when I start walking randomly around and then head towards something I didn’t originally plan to go to. Luckily, this only occurs every once in awhile. Specifically when I join into a game¬†with random people. For some reason we are supposed to kill the other team. Somehow, we keep coming back to life after a certain period of time.

This is only normal for the games however, because when the animals die in the wild outside the games, they don’t come back. Neither do the people. When I cast a spell on someone, or I strike them with my sword, they don’t seem to die immediately. This is the same for me, which probably has to do with the health meters above our heads that go down after each attack.

There are big monsters that we fight in order to gain experience and I think it’s called leveling up after you get so much of it. Leveling up feels really good because it feels like I get stronger and faster. The pain of dying really sucks, but when you know that you’ll come back to life, it’s not really that bad.

At the end of the game we destroy everything, and the team that wins gets most of the benefits of course. However, we get some things from the game, like money and the experience of being apart of the game. My teammates and I either leave happily or upset, but at the end of the day. We go to bed just like everybody else. And sleeping is amazing, especially after something like those games.

I really do think I’m in a video game, but I guess I’ll never find out.

The Story of the Life of Ross

Finding out what he wanted to do with his life seemed easy for Ross. He always wanted to be an accountant, since he loved handling money. Suburbia was where he wanted to reside after he started a family with a beautiful woman. The problem was, life didn’t seem to agree with his wishes.

First of all, Ross didn’t have to money to put himself through college and nobody was there to help pay for it. His other problem was that girls didn’t seem to find him very attractive. He was a tad overweight and had a problem with having a low self-esteem. In order to live, he had to work at a factory, which he had disdain for. Luckily, he was friends with his manager who was close with the big boss.

Little by little, Ross learned that he could become an accountant if the big boss allowed him to try out for the position. Luckily there was an opening and the boss said that he would think about it. Days came and went and Ross’ enthusiasm went with them. The big boss finally came up to Ross and told him that he would like to test him to see if he would be able to do the job.

He got the job! One goal down, and one to go.