The dirt was cold, my hands were shaking as if they might come off my body at an moment. Cold wind rips through my already ripped jeans and petticoat. Being a cold poor man on the streets of Tulsa can break someones spirits. With all the controversy over whether or not someone actually will use the money that is given to them by a stranger for food. I would really be surprised that someone would actually give me a dime.

My reality is that even though most people won’t give me any money. Those that do are really appreciated in my book of life. They are the ones who will help me get back on my feet so that my job search will end. All that I want is a job that will help me make enough money to pay off all the debt that I have racked up. As well as one that will help me get an apartment. Sounds simple, but when you don’t have a degree or anything of such nature, it is really tough to pay off several thousands in debt.

One day, I just wish that someone lend a hand and show me that my goal would be achievable. The likely hood of that happening are slim due to the fact that most people view homeless people as failed and hopeless nobodies, and I’m starting to believe them. I’m down to my last hope, maybe if I can work at McDonald’s my life will be better. I’ve filled out my application. Maybe I don’t really need someone to come to me and help me out. I might just need to push myself back to the starting line of life. I just hope this works, I don’t know how much longer I can take this cold weather and ripped clothes. Spring is just around the corner and it will hopefully come with me at a job. One can only hope


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