The Feeling

I’ve wondered if I should act on this feeling of mine. Every time I’m around her its as if I can’t breath, but when she leaves I want to ask her to wait for me. I can’t however, do to the constraints that my mind tells me binds me to the wall of loneliness. If only I could break those constraints and act upon my hearts urge to just tell her my feelings, at least then I would be free. Free to make my own mistakes so that I could stop regretting not making them.

Sadly, I might just be a hopeless cause. Only to roam this world with nothing more than myself to try and carry forward. This thought only drags me further and further away from ever reaching my goal. My goal of just opening the essence of my soul and letting her know that she means the most to me, even more than myself.

One day I swear to myself that I will stand up and walk over to her and just say the words, ” Will you be my one and only.” Then and only then shall I be free.



The dirt was cold, my hands were shaking as if they might come off my body at an moment. Cold wind rips through my already ripped jeans and petticoat. Being a cold poor man on the streets of Tulsa can break someones spirits. With all the controversy over whether or not someone actually will use the money that is given to them by a stranger for food. I would really be surprised that someone would actually give me a dime.

My reality is that even though most people won’t give me any money. Those that do are really appreciated in my book of life. They are the ones who will help me get back on my feet so that my job search will end. All that I want is a job that will help me make enough money to pay off all the debt that I have racked up. As well as one that will help me get an apartment. Sounds simple, but when you don’t have a degree or anything of such nature, it is really tough to pay off several thousands in debt.

One day, I just wish that someone lend a hand and show me that my goal would be achievable. The likely hood of that happening are slim due to the fact that most people view homeless people as failed and hopeless nobodies, and I’m starting to believe them. I’m down to my last hope, maybe if I can work at McDonald’s my life will be better. I’ve filled out my application. Maybe I don’t really need someone to come to me and help me out. I might just need to push myself back to the starting line of life. I just hope this works, I don’t know how much longer I can take this cold weather and ripped clothes. Spring is just around the corner and it will hopefully come with me at a job. One can only hope

The Top of the Tree

Yu was always a fan of climbing tall things. Once, when he was younger, he climbed to the top of his house. His all time goal was to climb the tallest tree in the nearby park closest to his house. This tree in particular was so tall that Yu couldn’t even see the top of it. He had previously tried many times to climb this extremely tall tree, but his fear of falling seemed to be the biggest thing keeping him from reaching his goal. His desire to become a better climber led Yu to find the master of climbing things in his area.

Eventually, Yu found his master and this master told him that he should start small and eventually become able to climb the tree. Yu does this, he climbs a small tree in his back yard everyday. Then he started to climb a little bit taller tree, and then a taller tree. One day he was even able to climb the tall tree in the park.

Yu walked to up to the tree and used all of what he had learned from climbing the other smaller trees. Little by little he climbed the tree, sometimes having to jump from one branch up to the next. Finally making it to the top of the tree, Yu looked around at the clouds that were now below him. It was definitely a taller tree than he had expected it to be. He wondered how he was going to get down from such a height.

Suddenly a man in a chariot rode up to Yu on the clouds. The man asked Yu what he was doing so high in the sky. Yu explained that he was wanting to climb to the top of this tree and was trying to figure out a way to get back to the ground. The man asked him why he would ever want to go back down there when he could live with the people in the clouds. This made Yu think for a second and then he told the man that he would miss his family very much if he didn’t go back to the ground.

The man asked Yu where his house was, in which Yu just told him his address. Suddenly, the man pulled out a slingshot and grabbed Yu. The next thing he remembered was waking up in his bed. Was it really all just a dream? Could people really live in the clouds?


You never quite grasp how it must feel to be a free bird, flying through the sky. For most people, this sensation is grasped when you are looking out the window in a plane. For me however, it’s when I jump off a cliff and my wings carry me soaring through the sky. My friends join me and laugh and mess with each other while in flight. It’s as if we are actually birds flying in the sky.

One day however, we found a cliff that looked so perfect to jump from and so high into the air, we just couldn’t resist the temptation. Some would have called us crazy for even attempting such a feat, but we didn’t see any problem with throwing caution to the wind. My friends and I put on our suits, all at once ran and then jumped off of the cliff with the best adrenaline rush one could ever imagine.

The cool air blowing around us propelled us forward. The view was the usual mountains, lakes, and forests that make up mountain range scenery. On this occasion however, everything seemed more colorful and more beautiful than usual. The suns rays bounced off of the lakes making them glisten like diamonds. Forests were as green and life filled as could be, and the mountains, well they were mountains.

When we finally landed, I asked my friends if they noticed anything different about the scenery and every one of them said yes. We decided that we need to come back to this place at least once a year. As we departed from that place, I felt like I was leaving my home behind. If home is where your heart is, than that place is definitely my home.