A Raider’s Tale

The wind blew back his long blond mane as he stared out at the grassy plains before him. His perch at the top of a large boulder that jutted out of the ground provided him with an ample vantage point. He had not, however, been aware that a man was behind him. "Hello there, Stein." … Continue reading A Raider’s Tale

I’m Kind of Back… Sort of

I want to start writing again. More consistently now that I've graduated college. The problem is that I feel like I've neglected this blog for so long that there isn't a way to save it. I also don't understand this new block paragraph system, so my first few stories might look pretty strange. There is … Continue reading I’m Kind of Back… Sort of

The Death of the Internet

You don't really notice how much you need something until it's gone. After the internet crash of 2060, the world plunged into chaos. Everything such as work, currency, buying food,  etc. was done online. I took for granted what I had my whole life. And now we are expected to relearn everything, such as farming. … Continue reading The Death of the Internet